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Until the kid starts questioning the parents, then questioning things becomes bad.

Ya'll talking about a game that took a day or two to complete. Try this game where a single playthrough takes a dedicated room to fit the 10 foot x ~4 foot board for the 2 months (real time total) it takes to play from beginning to end.

I've always had an reimagining for lovecraftian horrors, but set in a cyberpunk setting along these lines. The old gods and their minions are ancient A.I.s and viruses that warp the minds and bodies of tech-enhanced folk. They can create monstrosities out of people's implants and people would never know if what they see is real, a glitch in their hardware, or them going mad. Takes place in a dark and rainy cyberpunk city, with the tone mirroring the New England wetlands most of lovecraft is set in. That form of horror seems like such a great fit for cyberpunk.


So those two "minion-based" action/RPGs have been some of my favorite, but I haven't seen any other games use that sort of formula. Has anyone encountered a game series like those?


Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

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I don't know about brave. He did punch Gemma Teller in the face.

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When did this happen?

America really does have a punishing health care system. In Canada, our union is very strong. If you're sick you're sick and if management harasses you the union has your back. That being said, you better believe the union won't support you if you're sick every second Friday for a summer.

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Ya, but if you mention unions to most anybody I work with in the ER they will rant about how the unions do nothing but take your money. It's mind boggling how many people in America think employees banding together against company pressure equals a bad idea.

That fucking martyr complex

Is it a complex, though? Or is it a reaction to their work culture and management's attitude? I've never worked in the medical field, but to my understanding, they are pretty much always short-staffed and working crazy hours. In an environment like that, calling out sick (even if it's true) could likely land someone in deep shit from their coworkers or management.

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Hospitals are now run by MBAs instead of Drs, so compassion and caring about the patient are out the window. It's all about how to get a better bottom line for the business. They even made us attend a class about how we work for an HRO, a high-reliability organization, and even just one person calling out is devastating to our work. We only get 5 callouts a year, and even just one is enough to get management breathing down your neck. Novel idea, but what if we hired enough staff to make a single callout not a world ending event?

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