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Get your whistles ready people, you know there are going to be many employers in this state who are going to feign ignorance of this law.

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My employer is feigning ignorance by cutting our PTO hours because "The law changes how much PTO they can give out."

That's not a flamethrower. That's a flamechucker.

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Oh it's crazy man. One dude named Anton created the greatest virtual reality sandbox weapons simulator called Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades just because he decided to he wanted to. Takes a lot of work and time, can't wait to see what the AAA companies can manage to do (or fuck up).

Ideally I'd imagine Bohemia would eventually get into the pool and make a VR milsim with their experience.

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The dude is crazy dedicated to it now too. Continually posts and comments on /r/H3VR, does development streams, and has mini-updates on Fridays if you opt into alpha branch updates. The "Rise of the Rotweiners" Halloween scene is coming out soon too, looks to be a rogue-lite zombie scene with a focus on Melee, bolt-action rifles, and limited ammo.

I love EH but I don’t know what the Warp is referring to. Care to explain or link?

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Basically in order to travel at speeds above "slower than slow" the Empire Of Man transitions their ships into The Warp which is effectively a dimension made up entirely of demonic entities. The things demons are capable of in the mortal realm pale in comparison of what they can do on their home plane. In order to stave off all denizens of the ship from just going instantly "rape, kill, eat, and hopefully in that order" levels of insanity, the priests of the ship are in constant prayer and praise of the Emperor. If even a single priest fails in this by having a sole heretical or doubtful thought then the warp will enter the ship, things literally become hell, and everyone will fall under the effect of the warp.


So I went to Google to find answers but there were none to be had. Hopefully somebody can answer them.

1) When you deck out do you reshuffle your deck?

2) Is there any victory conditions other than forging keys?

3) If your enemie's field is empty can you still attack with creatures or can they only reap?


Alternatively Enema bags work as well, plus they're easily refilable.

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that is such a bureaucratic position that hospitals take. It's annoying that they're not supposed to share any information that they've gleaned. Yeah, they're not doctors, but I would assume they're reasonably competent. Hell, they could preface any information with 'I think' or 'it's possible'. No absolute statements.

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Unfortunately there are some people who work in hospitals, just like any other work environment, who aren't the most knowledgeable or socially adept. Sometimes the person who tells you the bad news is the difference between assuming the worst, giving your family the "I will always love you" text, then taking a months worth of meds in a minute versus getting informed on the next steps of treatment, what to expect, and the odds of surviving, which could be like >90%.

This blanket "The doctor will let you know" policy lets the people who actually know what they're talking about tell the patient as opposed to the hospital worker who doesn't want the patient to lose confidence in them for not knowing absolutely every medical fact.

Usually I roll my eyes at emergency service repurposing of retired military vehicles (no sheriff's department needs an MRAP), but in this case this makes sense. HMMVs are go anywhere do anything type of vehicle. You have beaches and lots of shoreline to get mucked up during hurricanse, seems reasonable. Plus, at 23 years old, unless its maintenance makes it a money pit and its still ticking, I think its probably paid for itself by now.

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As with most military vehicles they need a metric ton of maintenance which the U.S. military can easily pay for. A local squad, after accounting for labor and rare parts, not so much. Combined with the fact that this vehicle probably only sees the outside during the yearly town parade and the once every 5 years weather emergency it's probably not worth it.

Why are Asian pets so much more entertaining?

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Because animal abuse isn't a big issue over there, so if you want to discipline (aka beat/starve) your dog to gain some internet likes, it's cool.

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It's always projection. If someone is trying to drink less and says "I'm good" to an offer for another round, we get uncomfortable. We are forced to check our own behaviors and consider their morality. If we don't like that feeling, we want to change it. So we tell the person they are a pussy or tell them it's just one drink or whatever, so that if they cave, we can feel normal again. I'm drinking, you're drinking, we're all drinking. It's fine!

I'm almost convinced that every behavior a human engages in is an attempt to feel normal.

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Same thing with working out at a gym or going back to school. Friends will sometimes be downright vicious when you go to better yourself, because they have to confront the fact that they aren't doing the same.

When they get knocked out they start seeing horseshoes, LOL. Love it.

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Android: Netrunner. Nothing comes close to the number of games and thought power I’ve put into it. The design. The story. The distribution model. The high stakes game play. Well done, FFG. Your tenure will be missed especially after the post-rotation bang.

edit: your not you’re

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Except when you go to a tournament and only one of the decks you face isn't a pre-made they found on the internet.

I miss the old days of ccg/lcg's when you had to build your own deck and could't go online to build/buy decks made by someone else.

You should check out keyforge.

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My friend was telling me about it last week, and it's certainly got my interest.

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It’s actually because most acting guilds, specifically the British Actors Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild (USA) require actors to have a unique working name, which means some actors have to pick a new name. David Tennant (who was actually born David McDonald) is another example.

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This was something he spoke about on the ID10T podcast. He was registered as David Tennant in the UK, but when he came to the states David Tennant was already taken so they tried forcing him to work under another name in the States. Turns out there's a loophole in that someone won a legal case against the SAG when they were told they couldn't use their legal name. So David McDonnell legally became David Tennant, so he could keep the actor name.

Does the paint get stuck to the stirring rod? Cause if it does can someone get me a gif of that getting peeled off after a long day at the shop?

Nothing about boiling the wort, sanitizing the equipment, and only a slight nod to sealing it with that bubble lock. Enjoy the honey vinegar.

it could have bitten someone in your household in their sleep

Jesus man.

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Yep, and you could be awake and still not realize it. There is no cure for rabies, only a vaccine that can ready your body before the true infection starts to take hold. You have to get multiple rounds of it, usually five, but if you wait until symptoms show then it would be better to go shopping for coffins and a nice grave site.

How often do people in regular society get bitten by neighborhood bats and die of rabbies though?

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Not often but that's why the rabies and tetanus shots are so often pushed in the case of exposure. Once the infection has gotten to the level it can be found in a blood test, you're already a goner.

My absolute pet peeve is a nurse who writes up coworkers all the time. It’s so petty.

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From what I've seen, it's usually incompetent managers who know they are incapable of being respected for a good job so they instead try to bully everyone that doesn't kiss their ass.

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This sounds like a good idea that I'm never going to try. When there's pizza in the fridge, my thought process is not on cooking. It's on eating with as little effort as possible. The microwave is fine. Cold is fine. In a pan is fine. Effort? Not fine.

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Eggxactaly. If I'm going to spend that much effort on cooking, i'm going to just make some French Toast.


When I go through a game that has crafting I prefer to not use a wiki or any sort of out-of-game database to learn recipes. I am having a blast doing this, but inventory management is a massive part of this game. My friend recently told me that the Delicate Flora you get are only used to sell for credits, which freed up the 8 slots I had just holding onto them.

I want to know what items I can just chuck at the next Galactic Trading Kiosk, but I don't want to spoil what items are used for future crafts. Does anyone already have a list of non-crafting items?


Fun fact: you can ride both toys

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When I hear "he's just a boy who loves his toys" about a grown man, I usually think power tools or firearms. So, uh, you could apply it here but I would highly advise against it.

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In the shower, thinking about work.

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I've discussed this before, but knowledge of it isn't nearly as common as it should be.

Mobile videogames are literally designed to be frustrating instead of fun.

There was a South Park episode about this not too terribly long ago, which I found to be incredibly accurate. Sadly, it didn't make quite the same splash that I'd hoped it would, given that quite a few people still aren't aware of what's going on.

See, a great many mobile titles make use of mechanics that are put together with the intention of nurturing habitual behavior, frustrating a user, and then offering a slightly more enjoyable experience after money has been spent. The monetization model is created first, and then the "game" elements are built around it. This tactic has proven to be a more profitable model than actually offering entertainment, to the point where some companies take very careful steps to ensure that their games don't accidentally end up being fun.

That sounds like satire, I know, but it's actually true.

Let's suppose you had a game like Galaga, for instance. A mobile game version monetized with in-application microtransactions would probably give you the option to upgrade your ship and your weapons, purchase additional lives, and other such things. You'd be able to earn "soft" (or "grind") currency by killing enemy units, with small amounts of "hard" (or "premium") currency being awarded when you advanced in level or something.

Now, that sounds like it would be alright, doesn't it? Here's where the manipulative part comes in, though: In this hypothetical game, it's virtually impossible to make it beyond the third level without spending money, because there's a "recommended" item of some kind that can only be purchased with hard currency – currency that corresponds in some way to real-world money – and it's impossible to earn enough of it from within the game. This is called a "pay wall," and a great many mobile games take advantage of the concept, albeit to varying degrees.

There's only one small problem with the game concept I just outlined: It might actually be kind of fun to play. As I mentioned previously, it's a far better idea to frustrate a user, and then give them a marginally better experience after they've converted to a paying player. So, maybe what we'd do with our hypothetical title is have all of the enemies slowly become more and more difficult over the course of five levels or so. Then, when a user inevitably died, we'd show them some kind of pop-up message:

"The aliens are advancing!" it might say. "Spend 15 SPACE CREDITS to revive?"

You'd be given the option to spend 15 hard currency for a single life... or to buy a pack of lives for only 50! Either way, immediately after you made the purchase, the game would become easier and more satisfying. If there were random items dropped by destroyed enemies, you'd see slightly more of them. Your score would increase more quickly, and there would be more explosions (or in the case of a game like Candy Crush, more flashing lights and noises).

After the level was done, you'd get bumped back into the typical difficulty and the same frustrating experience... until you spent more money, of course.

TL;DR: This TL;DR will automatically unlock in 33:03! Spend 89 REDDIT BUCKS to speed up?

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One of the more preying strategies used nowadays is to give the player a whole burst of RWM early on then pull the rug out from under them and just slow the rate down to a trickle. The player remembers what it was like getting that big flow and then the game will prompt you to start buying bundles.

Analytics sharing + Facebook login is a no for me. Additionally there's dozens of RWM paid bonuses which makes me think this is going to be a game that requires constant ad viewing or paid boosts to progress past the first day of playtime.

This is going to be a pass for me.

I might. Or I'll find some way to combine my experience from software development and my experience from working in healthcare. I don't really have a crystal clear plan though.

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If you're looking to get into nursing, nursing Informatics is the hybrid between clinical and IT knowledge. It's starting to really grow as a field and has many different applications from being a liaison between a hospital IT dept and nursing floors to being a software designer will clinical experience. On the downside a decent position will require a masters degree in infomatics, but it's a good starting salary and it's generally a 9-5, M-F, no PT interaction job.

It's honestly the escape plan I'm working towards for once I get burnt out in ER/CCU.

My old EMS company had a contract with a large EMS company to take all of the calls they couldn't get to. During a freezing rain storm on night crew we had the privilege of taxiing hospital employees to and from work. Running back and forth like nutters with employees that really don't want to go to work, mixed in with trying to run calls as well. We head to one nurse's house, who lives on an island. With all the massive downpour half of the island is under water. Told dispatch that we have ~4 feet high of water between us and this lady, give us next call and we'll move on. Dispatcher informed us that we MUST pick up this woman, instructed me and my partner to back it up the hill and just gun it through the water. Told dispatch we didn't copy, repeat again and slowly this time. My partner recorded the whole dispatch, even where we blatantly asked him if he really wanted us to try and "gun it through the water."

We did as told, heard alarms that have probably never been blared before, and made it across. Got to the nurse's house, knock on the door, husband greets us and says she's still at work. She ended up spending the night in preparation for the storm. Inform dispatch, ask him on directions to make it back now that we don't have a large hill to get a running start to "gun it across." Told us to "figure it out." Ended up driving parallel to the flooding until we found the narrowest strip of flood waters and tried to ford it across. Make it over, albeit with soaked boots, and head on our merry way. 5 minutes from the island we start getting a warning the air brakes are failing. Head home, switch rigs, and continue the night of shenanigans.

Few days later boss yelled at us to get the hell into his office. My partner and I got chewed out by him while we grinned like a couple of psych patients. In between tirades I kept asking him "can we speak?", but he kept shouting at us. Eventually I get to tell him dispatch demanded we had to do this call no matter what. Boss calls dispatcher in, he says he was never informed of the situation until after we got to the house. Partner whipped out her phone and played the entirety of the conversation. Boss told me and my partner to get out and close the door. Boss chewed out dispatch, but didn't even give him an official warning. From then on any time that dispatcher was on we got the short end of the stick, but damn was it worth it seeing how he shrank when we played that audio clip.


So I adopted a very old stray cat about six months ago and she looks like she was an abandonment. She is very friendly with people, spayed, is mostly blind, and completely deaf. She is great except that whenever she goes in the litter box it's a 50/50 chance she will spray urine everywhere outside of it. I've bought an enclosed box with a door and a litter mat but she will still stick her ass out the door and spray all over the mat and surrounding area. It's supremely frustrating getting done with a 12 hour shift and seeing she's made a complete mess of the area around the box but yet gotten nothing inside. Is there any way I can encourage her to keep her urine in the box?

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