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Every time this GIF pops up someone, without any knowledge of boating, pops off about how dangerous and irresponsible this is.

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I'd say dangerous not because of the boat, but because every time I've had my daughter of roughly the same age in a life preserver she floats on her face unless I hold her.

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I had to get chicken nuggets for my daughter one night and it was like a 4 piece or something. They asked me what sauce i wanted and i had no idea and just told them to give me one of each. A manager comes over and is like "You do realize that's more sauces then nuggets" to which i reply yeah just charge me for them.

Two years later the same daughter is 16 and gets a job at said McDonalds and they are all standing around one time and the manager starts telling the story of this crazy guy who bought way more sauces then nuggets. My daughter is like "That was my dad.".

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I did this once, but it was when they advertised 100 nuggets. I ate maybe 50 over 2 hours. I didn't like more than 4 sauces.

If I had no sauce, I wouldn't eat the nuggets.

Nuggets with no sauce is like kissing your cousin. It tastes okay but it just ain't right.

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That analogy is grand

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How can someone have such an ugly cold white tone in his living room?

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I've been replacing all my lights with 5000k LEDs, which is the "sunlight" white lights. It's fantastic. Everything looks clean and bright.

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I know that color exists, but i haven't seen any.

I've got problems in the bedroom due to menopause and also due to a lot of depression. My husband and I stopped into our local sex shop adult entertainment store and he bought me a sexy outfit: an emerald green corset with black thong and black fishnets.

I cried. I cried because he made me feel so sexy and loved and cared for. I didn't have hair then because cancer took my hair away. I honestly felt like crap because it was so obvious I had gone through cancer recently then.

Since then, we've been doing a lot better and I'm seeing someone about my mental health.

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Bald chicks are hot BTW. Everytime my wife asks me what she should do with her hair, I say shave it. She doesn't ask any more. But don't think you're not good looking just because you don't have hair.

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I have a similar post on r/Dayton. Would you know of any cities about halfway to Dayton?

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Middletown is the largest in between. Just south of Dayton on 75, i don't remember the name, near Lexis Nexis also seems to have some nicer stores and such opening up.

Austin landing?

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That's the one

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I know that Kings island is voted overall one of the top Halloween experiences in the country regularly.

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Due to volume. Individually the scares are not that impressive, but you can spend the entire night doing something different.

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Are they better than Skip's?

Poor Holtman's, there's a newer, hipper place on the block.

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You're comparing donuts to bagels...

And everyone clapped

Greek and Hebrew are better.

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My niece was OBSESSED with the Trolls movie and every time I was in the car with them we had to listen to the soundtrack. She would also constantly ask my sister play it on her phone so it was like no matter what you did, if you were around that child you were going to listen to the Trolls Soundtrack whether you liked it or not!!!!!

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I'm in the same boat, luckily the songs aren't as bad.

Yeah but a penis makes more sense for that phrase

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Outie penis, it's detachable

In a van down by the river

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Look at Bill Shakes over here.

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Why did I think brine was salt water?

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Because it is. Water and vinegar is just diluted vinegar.

28 points · 19 days ago

Yep, we were stupid, but not that stupid.

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Just the right amount of stupid

As a lovelander, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone outside of loveland that’s heard of the frogman

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I have a damned shirt!

Just bought a house in Cincinnati, so happy to be done spending money on rent and actually investing that into something. I love it here, highly recommend

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I bought a house just as the market started picking up. My house gained 25% value in 3 years. Great market for houses

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Don't forget to bring a trowel

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Floss and fly this mofo all over this shit

Wow that perfectly summaries how I feel about foraging food for myself - my intelligence and wisdom stats aren't high enough, and I've put no points into Knowledge: Nature

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My favorite thing in game is not telling people "there are no traps", instead saying "you see no traps", for nearly everything. Makes questionable rolls more interesting.

My boyfriend and I have this argument constantly. I think he's slightly color blind because he has a terrible time with purple and red.

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I have a hard time with certain reds and oranges. I feel his pain

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And their vote is worth the same as yours.

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Actually in some cases it's worth more, my vote in Ohio's electoral college vote is actually individually worth less than a farmer's individual vote in say Wyoming.

I’ll give you a whole dollar for some art

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I'll do half

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Just after they get the dog off, the body cam in the corner you can see the dog's tail just happily wagging away, "did I do good?".

Also good on the dog, had one hell of a grip on the guy, soon as the keeper gets his collar though, no resistance, just lets go and gets pulled away.

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