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That explains why I'm diabetic

Americas? The Americas? I’m not sure that America as a word can refer to both continents together.

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The Americas

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these aren't all of the same person, are they? the last two look like someone i know and it's freaking me out a little

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They are all 24, all in glasses, all 2 km away. I think they are the same.

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I worked the drive thru at McDonald's when I was 16. At some point a lady came through and asked for ketchup. So I hand her the normal 4 to 5 packets.

She says, I mean a lot. So look say my manager who kind of shrugs and I have her a double handful of ketchup packets. I have large hands, and this pile had to have something like 50 packets of ketchup. she just laughed and drove off

Hopefully not used

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You don't know this person's life!

Looks like he says, 'not my chicken' that's even more awkward

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"What the fuck?". "What the fuck. Something. That's not mine."

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