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For the most part this is true, but public policy should also be based on the wants and needs of the public. For example a climate change scientist might not care about the jobs lost by banning coal. Good public policy makes compromises between relevant knowledge and the people's desires

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You are right, but sometimes the people get to decide or influence things that they have no clue about. Then things like Brexit, removal of nuclear power, walls, no wind power because wind turbines are ugly happen... Sometimes politicians do whatever it takes to get the next vote and they ignore all together the experts.

A scientist (generally more than one person studies a problem) cares about the jobs being lost more than you think and will propose alternatives. If not, that is not a scientist. However, most people don't like change and will oppose to anything being proposed. Nowadays, in some countries, nobody listens to experts anymore.

I think, also, the fact that any particular expert has a relatively narrow scope doesn't help.

"Hey yeah my results say we need to ban coal asap"

"What about the miners?"

"Uh, maybe they can take their applicable skills to uranium mining? Consensus is that nuclear will at least buy us some time. But my research really isn't about that. All I can definitively say is that we need to stop using coal for power immediately. I can't answer as to what the miners will do because I'm not an economist. I'm an expert on the impacts of coal."

"Scientists don't care about ordinary workers! This guy says we should stop using coal but doesn't tell us what we should do instead!"

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That is no expert. That is just a crazy guy. Experts come with organisations behind them, they work in teams, they go through peer review etc. Politicians should ask or take expert advice and depending on what is the situation take adequate measures with the tools they have (money, special laws, investments, subsidies etc.). Also in some cases things should be allowed to die even if this means some job losses. Progress comes with sacrifices.

For the price the phone is excellent. Solid build. Don't worry.

Sadly no (without some soldering/electronic skills). People complain about this on their forums a lot. The second generation is a big fail in my opinion.

The phone is OK. Great build quality, excellent camera (tends to oversaturate colors) and screen.

The battery is a bit weak. In most cases you need to charge it every day. Oh, and you need to unlock it and change the ROM since it is a China only phone. The phone is a bit too heavy for my taste.

Exactly, it stores the values but you need to set them again after reboot.

Are you on or the normal MIUI?

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Same here.

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I have one for more than two months now. I am happy with it. Great build quality, excellent camera, fast charging (1 hour full charge), support, oled screen. Fast phone, great for gaming and watching videos.

The only downside is the battery life. Maximum 1.5-2 days standby with moderate use (1.5hrs SOC). I like my phones to last a bit longer. If you are going only for SOC you can get ca. 6-8 hours on a single charge (charging every day).

It handles pet hair relatively well. You might need to clean the brushes every now and then but generally it is OK. The mop function is more of a support function. Don't expect any miracles. You still have to mop yourself for good results. In your case (pets), I wouldn't even use it that often. If you want to use the mopping function, use it often and buy extra mop pads.

how often is every now and then? My wife has long hair, and the normal vacuum is completely tangled after every vacuum and takes 15 minutes to cut all the hair away.

We have a roomba right now too with the rubber rollers rather htan brushes, and that is amazing, because the hair doesnt get tangled.

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in my case it is every month since I vacuum every 2-3 days and we don't shed a lot. :) However, for house with pets and long haired wifes/husbands/kids it might get tangled really fast.

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Time flies faster and faster.

A lot of routine.

Harder to find something that keeps your interest.

Friends disappearing.

Family getting older/sicker/passing away.

Facing a lot more shitty people.

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