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I have one for more than two months now. I am happy with it. Great build quality, excellent camera, fast charging (1 hour full charge), support, oled screen. Fast phone, great for gaming and watching videos.

The only downside is the battery life. Maximum 1.5-2 days standby with moderate use (1.5hrs SOC). I like my phones to last a bit longer. If you are going only for SOC you can get ca. 6-8 hours on a single charge (charging every day).

It handles pet hair relatively well. You might need to clean the brushes every now and then but generally it is OK. The mop function is more of a support function. Don't expect any miracles. You still have to mop yourself for good results. In your case (pets), I wouldn't even use it that often. If you want to use the mopping function, use it often and buy extra mop pads.

how often is every now and then? My wife has long hair, and the normal vacuum is completely tangled after every vacuum and takes 15 minutes to cut all the hair away.

We have a roomba right now too with the rubber rollers rather htan brushes, and that is amazing, because the hair doesnt get tangled.

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in my case it is every month since I vacuum every 2-3 days and we don't shed a lot. :) However, for house with pets and long haired wifes/husbands/kids it might get tangled really fast.

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Time flies faster and faster.

A lot of routine.

Harder to find something that keeps your interest.

Friends disappearing.

Family getting older/sicker/passing away.

Facing a lot more shitty people.

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Yes but they change their mind because it was too expensive :(

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So they installed all the HomeKit chips, increased standby consumption for that and then they gave up? Jeez..

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They didn’t install the chips ;) Look: yeelight And: yeelight

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The chips are there. The software/certification is missing.

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On the plus side. The build quality is great, the screen is excellent, the phone is fast and snappy, fast charging is extremely nice to have.

On the negatives. The battery isn't amazing - no more than 1.5 days with 2-4 hours SOT. The software (Original China ROM) is full of bugs, hopefully MIUI 10 will fix that. The camera isn't that great: the HDR activates all the time and generally ruins the shot, the AI helps - but the main effect is oversaturation, the pictures are either too sharp, too soft, lack detail, have minor artifacts, etc. For some reason it seems the beautify effect is applied even when not activated.


Mi8 SE is nearly the same price as Mi6 in some shops. Would you recommend buying the Mi6 over the 8SE afer your hands on experience?

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No. Mi 8 SE is way better.

2-4 hours SOT? I think something's draining your battery or you have a defective battery bud.

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Could be. However this is my experience. Probably MIUI 10 will fix this.

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Some work is still needed to decrease the standby consumption, color accuracy, minimum and maximum brightness. Although the price and quality is good it's not all pink. Also gen 2 has the same standby power consumption has gen 1 and the brightness isn't noticeably higher.

I have a couple of the v1 bulbs. Would you recommend a different bulb to these that don't consume as much power? I'm looking to upgrade in the near future

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Don't worry too much about the standby power consumption if you only have a couple of bulbs. However, an upgrade to gen 2 is simply not worth it. Regarding other brands I don't have a recommendation since I don't know where you live.

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Well, if you plan to stay with Xiaomi you won't find a better phone with a headphone jack. You need to buy something else. If your MI5 is laggy try a factory reset or a full wipe and you will recover. Usually MIUI does the other thing (tries to keep the RAM empty). You will easily find something close to stock android for Mi5 (Lineage?). For the camera use GCAM (enable camera 2 api).

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Also one of the problems is the price value of these phones. I remember the Mi5 was around 250 euros when it came out, and now the Mi8 is 500 eur.. So apparently it has moved upmarket quite a bit. Something in a similar 250 eur price bracket to the original wouldnt be a huge upgrade. Also Mi5 was a very well performing phone and phenomenally priced for its time

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Yep. At this stage most manufacturers are getting out of control with the pricing and Xiaomi is getting there. I don't see anything that is so amazing in a direct comparison between Mi 5 and Mi 8. Basically it has a better screen and better camera. The rest (CPU, RAM, software etc.) even if they are better the average user won't observe a significant difference in daily use. Not to mention that the battery life is similar, the lack of a certain port etc.

If I have more identical devices, yes. Otherwise it doesn't matter.


It seems the Redmi 6 Pro is identical to the Mi A2 Lite.

Do you think we can flash Android One on the Redmi 6 Pro?


Try the old Xiaomi powerbank (10000mAh). It is really cheap, has great quality and passthrough charging.

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Can you please elaborate on your statement? I'm really considering getting one for my team to work with. It looks like I have to do a lot more research on this.

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Need to add this again.

Nice... I really hope they fixed the bugs (e.g. can't open PDF files from OneDrive for ages), removed some of the bulshit local restrictions - even for admins (e.g. can't set bookmarks/home page in Edge, no extensions, can't call normal Skype users without a million tricks, can't edit locally the start screen, can't create folders etc.).

Edit: Forgot to mention the stupid app limitation on the Windows Store (only a handful of apps can be used because why not... Windows Team) and the lack of personalized accounts. Why can't you have, like in all other Windows versions, user accounts and a guest account that can be limited and reset on each use.

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Nice... I really hope they fixed the bugs (e.g. can't open PDF files from OneDrive for ages), removed some of the bulshit local restrictions - even for admins (e.g. can't set bookmarks/home page in Edge, no extensions, can't call normal Skype users without a million tricks, can't edit locally the start screen, can't create folders etc.).

Edit: Forgot to mention the stupid app limitation on the Windows Store (only a handful of apps can be used because why not... Windows Team) and the lack of personalized accounts. Why can't you have, like in all other Windows versions, user accounts and a guest account that can be limited and reset on each use.

I placed one in an exposed place and it failed after the first rain.

Then I placed another one (Aqara version) in a protected place and the battery died after a week of cold weather and in the end failed after 3 months. I opened the sensor and there was water damage.

I replaced it with another Aqara one (I have a bunch of them) and works OKish for the last 2 months (every 1-2 weeks it losses connection).

Basically, water condensation shorts the connections on the board and kills it. It depends on your climate. If you don't experience cold weather, rain and mist it will be perfect.


If somebody is interested, I am sharing my findings on the new color bulbs from Yeelight (YLDP06YL). I own 5 of them for some days now.

If you already own the first generation an upgrade is not worth it (in my opinion).

Some comments:

  • They work with HASS out of the box. The LAN control (local) seems to be less responsive compared to the first generation. Sometimes 1 or 2 extra commands are needed to switch the light bulb on. (The second try generally works.) I am sure a firmware update will fix this.
  • The standby consumption is 1.3-1.4 W (1.25 $/year at 0.11$/kWh - 10-20% less compared to the 1st generation). I was hoping for a lot less since an official mentioned that they were targeting 0.5 W.
  • They are a bit brighter but nothing significant (measuring the brightness side by side there is a 5-10% difference in number of lux at a 1 m distance). For sure not 30% brighter.
  • They disperse slightly better the light since the diffuser is a bit wider.
  • The colors are not so deep compared to the 1st generation, but I am sure this will be fixed with a software update.
  • The CRI could be better.
  • No buzzing or flickering.

All this set aside, they are still some of the best on the market (no hub, reliable, cheap, easy to setup, great app, local control, look great, multiple servers, voice control etc.).


Thanks, just placed an order for the white. I have a single fitting in a room, and the current bulb (1st gen yeelight) isn't quite bright enough. Have read the white bulbs are brighter than the coloured one in the new generation.

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That is true. However don't expect miracles.

Are these the 220V bulbs?

If so, are you in the US? If you are, are there any issues with using 220V bulbs in 110V?

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I am not in US. They are rated for 220V and 110V.

Probably they all go under a unit. Try C or F for temperature.

Maybe a dumb question but do both modes allow for the same passage of light? (as in if I change between modes will the luminosity in a room that's being lit only by the outside change?)

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There is a difference (increasing with the distance from the window). When ON the light is diffused.

Interesting - I’ve never seen it that cheap even as a film. Always assumed it’s going to be around $2k for an average window size

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*From China (e.g. aliexpress). Maybe not $300 but $2k is more than enough.

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It isn't that easy to give you an answer. Both are good and they evolve really fast. For me HASS seems a better solution for your case (a bit more flexible than OpenHAB, active community - too active in my opinion, supports a lot of integrations, rather user friendly, easy to install etc.). I've been using it for a couple of year now and I am rather happy, but it wasn't a install and forget project. It depends on the machine you use, your devices (do you update their firmware often?), your configuration, your automations etc. until you get to a reliable setup. Considering that you are familiar with OpenHab it would be a good idea to stick with what you know. You can always do a small trial with HASS (takes you a couple of hours) to see if HASS is the right thing for you.

However, no matter what you choose you will face:

  • a rather steep learning curve (maybe not for OpenHab since you used it);
  • a few days/weeks to properly configure everything;
  • missing features/criteria (e.g. no multiple users - however, there are other ways to simulate this);
  • compatibility issues/bugs that you need to solve yourself;
  • some customization/coding on your side (that implies you getting familiar with e.g. Python) for advanced stuff;

For the charts part you can always attach an Influx+Grafana solution to your setup. That should be more than enough. HASS also offers charts inside the frontend. For the other criteria, everything could be done.

As a side note, I also have a huge setup and sometimes I feel these 2 solutions are not handling it well. After a while, the response time gets really slow/random and a system reset is needed. However, I am dealing with a lot of protocols (not one or two) and that is the main problem. I think you will be fine.

Hi sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have a question.

I just got my 2nd gen roborock, so far so good, but is it correct that everytime I start a new clean cycle it wipes out my entire map? My expectation was that it would retain the map after the first map (I havent moved or touch the vac itself). I just thought the map would always stay and it wouldnt have to do the full perimeter scan of the rooms before cleaning.

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Online they mention the vacuum will get smarter over time. However, I also noticed that the map is and the vacuum seems to do the same thing almost every time. However, I don't follow it on a regular basis. :)

Small question. I'm thinking to buy one but I have one floor with a mix of carpet and tiles. Is there a way to use the mop function only for the tiles?

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It isn't that straightforward. You can do a zoned cleanup but it gets old really fast. Also it won't go everywhere. Basically you define a rectangle on the map and it will clean/mop it.

I would say the mp feature isn't for you. I am in the same spot and I am not using it in most rooms.

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I have a potted finger lime tree (grafted), but for two years now it didn't flower. Do they flower once per year or throughout the year?

It isn't that easy to do this in Grafana alone. Maybe now you can do some tricks with the Group By function, but last time I checked you could not do what you want natively.

However, you can use the history statistics sensor in HASS for what you need. Then feed this data/sensors to Influx and Grafana and create your graphs.

To you it may be, to me it isn't.

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You can ignore it's existence, while the others can't do much if they don't have one. If you travel a lot this is a headache: adapters or not being able to charge your phone while you listen to something, headphones batteries, not being to use the headphones with other dumb devices (airplane 3.5mm connection) etc. The 3.5mm connector is everywhere. The transition should be gradual. If you don't need something it doesn't make it useless for others. Options are always good.

But the same goes in the opposite direction. If others need it, that doesn't mean I need it too.

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No it doesn't. You have the option to ignore it and also use wireless headphones, while I have no hassle-free option. In some cases I don't want adapters or a second pair of wired headphones with me.

Also, there is no serious reason to remove it considering the state of technology today (outside smartphones) and the disadvantages of batteries. While I see and experience myself the advantages of wireless headphones (e.g. running), my opinion is that there is a unjustified push for more profits. Also this isn't exclusive to headphones (e.g. AUX inputs on cars or other stuff).

As of today, not having one just creates problems without bringing any advantage (although it could).

To each its own.

You don't need public transport every day but that doesn't mean that the buses should run only when you need them.

You don't go to and you don't want to go to a hospital that often. But you still want it there no?

You don't need a spare tire but it is a good idea to have one.

Create a sensor or input and just set the state using one or more automations that gets triggered depending on your desired interval.

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Was looking into this, doesnt it require a xiaomi gateway in addition? is there any way to tie it into Home Assistant?

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Won't work for more than a couple of hours or days. Batteries won't handle well the low temperature. Whatever you choose you either need to keep the battery outside the fridge or go for a wired solution.

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