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Find phone link:

It is in the locate phone section. Press ring phone. Not sure if your phone has to be connected to the internet for it to work.


They have rights to air a couple of shows like GoT and Westworld and are pretty popular in India. They also have live sports (no NBA or NFL though) and Bollywood movies.

The services costs ₹999/year (which is around USD $14) but the content is geo blocked. So, you would need a VPN with a server based in India to access the portal.

I think it will be pretty useful for people who can't afford a cable subscription but want to watch shows without pirating them.

Here is a screenshot of their catalogue:


Go to you account's privacy settings:

Under Manage your data, you have the option to switch off collection of the following:

  • Facebook data
  • Tailored ads

Scroll down further, and you have the option to download personal data that Spotify has collected about you.

If you wish to contact Spotify about these privacy settings, they give the following link:


Being inspired by Steam's ability to view how much one spent on games, I wanted to know how much I've spent on Amazon, but it takes a little bit of extra work.

To do this requires Spreadsheet software knowledge, or access to a Bash Terminal with Python

1 - Go to

2 - Set Report-Type to Items
Set Start Date to January 1st, and whatever lowest year you can select
For End Date, click "use today"
For Report Name, type All-Time
Click Request Report

3 - Report should take a while and e-mail/auto-download.
If not, click the Download button in the list

4 - Either you can open up the CSV file using your favorite Spreadsheet software,
followed by summing up all the values in the Item Total field,

or if you have access to a Bash Terminal, run the following:

cat WHATEVER_THE_NAME_OF_YOUR_AMAZON_CSV_FILE_IS | python -c 'import sys, csv; rows = list(csv.reader(sys.stdin.readlines())); index = rows[0].index("Item Total"); del rows[0]; print sum([float(row[index].strip("$")) for row in rows])'

5 - The output will be the amount you've spent

EDIT: The stripping of the $-sign might need to be changed to accommodate for your currency

Please do not share your CSV file since it contains your personal information (address & name of item bought)

Since 2011 I've spent ... too much :|
Furniture and baby supplies are expensive!


"Common Wisdom" misinformation is a huge pet peeve of mine. Here is one drives me muts:

"Tomato is a fruit not a vegetable" - some smug pseudo-intellectual

There is a touch of nuance here, but this "factoid" belongs in the heap with straw man arguments, doublespeak and fake news.

A tomato is a vegetable. There is no widely held definition of vegetable, scientific or otherwise, that excludes tomatoes.

A tomato could be accurately referred to as a fruit, but in the context its used in in these these statements, its objectively false.

The noun form of the botanical term fruit refers to a plants "fertilized ovary". Its an anatomical term used to refer to a part of a plant, its not used in a categorical manner, there is no corresponding term for vegetable or other food groups. Seeing it in actual use makes it pretty obvious that it isn't applicable to a fruit vs vegetable classification context.

Correspondingly, Oxford English dictionary has multiple definitions, (1) sweet , fleshy ... product of plant ... can be eaten and (2) seed bearing structure of a plant

Perhaps more pertinent than any of the above, language is contextual. If we are talking about "food classification" the fields of nutritional / law / agriculture / culinary arts and even "people who eat" (aka, people) all would outrank botanists, a field only adjacently related to food consumption, if they even disagreed (which they don't). Even if you equate white lab coats to absolute authority; nutritional, agricultural and even culinary scientists are a thing, and they all classify tomato as a vegetable. ('law scientist' is probably a thing as well? also I'm sure someone somewhere has a doctorate in eating food)

There is a sliver of leeway here, just enough to give cognitive bias a finger hold, but the argument has no substance, fleshy, sweet or otherwise. You could argue fruit vs veggie is poorly defined, and I definitely agree, but that's not the context this phrase is used in. Its almost always delivered as a matter-of-fact along with the faint air of "I'm informed/knowledgeable and you're not", which is equally wrong and ironic.


The expedition just recently began a few days ago. The team is investigating the sea bed off the coast of Oregon and California looking for methane seeps. These areas have never been explored before in such a manner.

This is a really cool opportunity to engage in the exploration of our planet in real time that to my knowledge not too many people are aware of.


I was reading my auto insurance coverage today and found that headlights were covered under my glass coverage, including plastic headlights! I checked some other companies and it looks like most also include this. If you have foggy or broken headlights, get them replaced!


If they know how the person who buys it can log in and charge movies and apps to your account.


Source: the company I work for uses SalesForce, and we have a Live Chat available on our website. I am one of the agents who responds to the chats. I can see as people type and backspace. It’s pretty funny and also frustrating to watch people correct their spelling, start to use profanities, and change what they have to say. I can also see their location and what type of device they are using.


With reports of ICE stopping people up in Maine and along highways in NH, YSK your rights if you are stopped in this zone.


Google uses the Oxford Dictionary of English (worldwide) and the New Oxford American Dictionary (in North America) from to display definitions of English words. This can be accessed by typing define in front of the word such as "define apple" or other related phrases like meaning of apple, apple meaning etc.

Bing also uses the New Oxford American Dictionary (worldwide) to display word definitions in a similar fashion.

But Google has selectively removed many Oxford definition entries from the dictionary it displays. For example definitions of all proper nouns (such as famous persons, countries etc.) have all been removed and even definitions of contentious words such as fascism and alt-right have also been removed.

All these definitions are there on the website and even on Bing.


Comparision of Bing and Google Oxford Dictionaries:

Bing Google
Definition for "United States" *
Definition for "David Bowie" *
Definition for "fascism", "alt-right" $


*This is a "featured snippet" not Google Dictionary

$ Just a "knowledge graph"; no definition and no featured snippet


As can be seen while Bing includes all the definitions from Oxford Dictionary Google has selectively removed many entries. Just thought you should know as I was a bit confused when some definitions could not be found in Google's dictionary.


I’m a busser at a Mexican restaurant and basically if a straw is on the table, regardless of if it was even touched, it gets thrown out. I imagine this is probably the same for many other restaurants. We waste so many straws, even though I’ve seen an increase in the amount of people who have stopped using them.


I understand you probably avoid going to watch a movie in a dark room but this movie has flashing lights as a consistent plot point. edit: This is also relevant to those who have migraines.


I recently replaced the SSD in my laptop with a 7200RPM HDD. One of the things I quickly noticed, even on a clean, fresh installation of Windows, was that my performance had tanked!

After scratching my head for a while, a friend of mine mentioned that they had done the same thing and seen similar results. After a little bit of digging, we figured out what happened: SuperFetch got turned on! SuperFetch is a service that works to load files preemptively from storage into memory before they're needed, increasing overall system performance... on solid state drives. You see, SSDs are really great for "I want a bunch of stuff from these random places" -- what SuperFetch is doing -- while HDDs are best for "I want a bunch of stuff that lives right next to each other" -- why defragmenting an HDD is important.

To turn off SuperFetch:

  • open the Services control center (windows key + R then run services.msc)
  • Locate the SuperFetch service and right click it, choosing "Properties"
  • Set the startup type to "disabled"
  • Stop the service
  • Click Apply
  • Reboot


In addition to the 60% reduction in points, rewards members must also use the app or card to make a purchase every 90 days in order to maintain their points balance.


You will scroll up quicker going from the bottom and thus selecting all your text quicker


If you or a relative/parent have Medicare check this page with to see when your new card will be coming.I believe providers of supplementary insurance will be notified but you should check with your doctors' office to see if they need to see the new card in person. Most states have not yet mailed but my relatives in Oregon have already received their cards, so they are definitely on the way soon.


If you have started a new pill and are experiencing unusual, dramatic mood swings, depression, anxiety, aggression or any other mood or behavioral incongruities it may be as a result of your contraception pill and you should inform your doctor as it may not be the best pill for you. There are many different types with many different mechanisms and effects. Working with your doctor - some experimentation may be required to find what works best for you.


66.6% of poison exposure cases (page 20) are able to be handled just by calling a poison control center and following instructions over the phone. It's incredibly easy to get expert advice by calling 1-800-222-1222.

There's also a website at

It's tempting to immediately call 911 for every case of exposure to some sort of substance, but most poisonings aren't that serious. Even drinking bleach typically only causes minor effects to most children.


Ask any front desk agent and they will tell you the same. 3rd party reservations are a pain (for everybody involved) to modify (if even possible), can have different cancellation policies, and often will charge more. You will almost always get the best rate by booking direct. Also, depending on the hotel, they cannot be applied to loyalty programs. If they offer a better rate for immediate payment, odds are the hotel Brand does too.

EDIT: You don't have to take my word. Just ask somebody you know that works front desk and they will tell you


News bias on both the left and the right is becoming increasingly common in the modern world. Neither side is immune from fake news


Gone are the days when amazon just trusted you. Now they require either a copy of a transcript/schedule, or ID with exp date. They almost renewed me for 119 I’m lucky I checked.

Edit: some are downvoting. I submitted proof of student and got an email back about 8 hours later:

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