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it sounds like what you saw was a portal flash...

I Wouldn't worry, just cleanse the house with some white sage, get a smudge stick, blow the smoke into every part of the house and around yourself. This will cleanse any negative energy out..opening the windows as you go

Or consult a good medium if you want to pick up on who they are, tell the medium nothing, let them walk around your home and they should be able to give you more information on the 2 spirits..

Get some Clove's, it is One of the most powerful protective herbs. When worn, it repels evil spirits. Place it above or by a crib to protect your baby.

hope this helps

Blessed be...

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This definitely sounds like a shadow person. They can be calm or dangerous. My suggestion is to have someone sage the house to ward off anything with ill intentions.

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i used to see many shadows arround my house (amog other very weird things), never seen a particular figure, two or three diferent colours, always tought they where like car spirits or something but never got a good vibe about them. anyway, we had someone over who "cleaned" the house in some sort of ritual, never seen anything weird again.

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Where is the cleaner based? Id be interested in something like that

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i am from latinamerica, he was an old family friend who was part of the umbanda religion, i've heard they do some dark work as well but most dedicate to do good things. didn't accept any money for it, did it out of kindness.

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Your kid has weird grandparents. Shadow grandpa and white grandma.

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Maybe a guardian for your baby? How is the vibe of this white figure?

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Calm if anything, but i get a similar vibe from the shadow man.