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Please remember these tips and pass them along to anyone you know / love. It just may save a life or several lives one day. I’m going to use the word car here but you could also be in a truck or a van, etc. This is assuming you have no cell signal, the weather is bad, no way to contact anyone and are a long, long walk from the nearest town.

Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. ALWAYS.

If you are gone for more than 24 hours and people start looking for you (e.g. you get lost in a blizzard in the middle of Montana or your engine dies on a back road in the middle of Australia) they are likely to check the roads first. Eventually they will check by air. Your car is much more visible than you are. From the air, you are a speck, if they can even see you at all. Try spotting a person the next time you are on the final approach to land in a commercial airliner. You can spot cars but rarely can you ever spot a single person.

Your car is shelter- from the wind, the sun, the cold, the snow, the rain and dangerous animals. If you get out on foot you lose that shelter plus almost everything you need to survive in order to be found. Right now. Go put 3 or more bottles of water in your trunk or by your spare tire. You can go many days without food but not water. Keep the bottle when it is empty, you will be refilling it with your urine. Gross right? But Bear Grylls has shown that you will survive using it and each time it gets filtered and “cleaner” making it somewhat easier to consume. Remember, this is your life.

Need to start a fire or a signal fire? You have 5 tires, use them. Around day 3, if no help has come yet, take one off and place it about 30 feet from your car. If you have matches or a lighter use them obviously. However, if you don’t have any traditional lighters, don’t panic. If your battery is good, you can leave it where it is and use speaker wire to make sparks. Use rocks or your teeth to strip wire so the bare ends are exposed. Use a rock or another heavy, non-metal item to hold the pair of wires on the battery, one wire on each terminal. If you touch the other ends together, they will spark. If you have gas or even don’t have gas (tanks almost always have a little, even when you are on E) pull the carpet out of your car’s floor and rip it into large squares or use the foam out of a freshly ripped seat (tire iron) and put all items under the gas tank. Bash the tank with a rock, your tire iron’s pointed end, a screwdriver or anything that will puncture it. Let the rugs soak in gas and then take one of them to the front of your car by the battery. (Keep the rest for the next few days, 1 per day) Make sparks with the battery and set the rug on fire. Drag it or use a stick to get it next to the tire which is made of rubber and oil. It will make an awesome signal fire as the black smoke can be seen for miles. Try to make and keep some coals for the next fire, the next day by using seat cushions, floor mats, door carpeting, ceiling insulation, whatever it takes to survive. Obviously, if you are near the woods, use anything that will burn like the small trees and branches from there. Your car may not survive but you can get a new car. You however, can’t be replaced.

While you are waiting, you will get bored and hungry and you need to occupy your mind. Think of family (the good ones), trips you want to take, people you really like and want to see again, funny jokes, songs you love to sing, what you will do when you get out of there and anything else to maintain a positive outlook. Staying positive is crucial.

Stay quiet and listen for searchers and search planes. Your car door rearview mirrors are great reflectors to signal search planes or helicopters.

If you run out of gas to burn, puncture the oil pan under the engine and use the same trick with it to start a fire. Also, if you have hand sanitizer, that is mostly alcohol and will flame up too. Just rub it on something that will easily ignite like a cotton shirt or paper from your glove box. Anything rubber, cotton, vinyl will burn. Don’t look at your car holistically anymore. See it for each piece that can burn while still keeping the interior intact and you safely out of the elements.

Copy and print this right now and put it in your glovebox, along with a lighter (hey that sparks too, even when it is empty) Set these instructions on fire if need be, you won’t hurt my feelings one bit, especially if it helps you or people you love to survive. Remember, you are loved and needed and you can survive this no matter how difficult it gets. Stay positive and May The Force Be With You!


Your headlights don't just make the road easier to see at night, they also help other drivers on the road see you! So, as a general rule of thumb, if it's raining or snowing - even lightly - or there's heavy fog, your headlights should be turned on. Even if they don't do much for your own visibility, they help make your car easier to see for other drivers on the road.

Be safe out there, redditors!


There's nothing more frustrating or childish than someone who says "no" all the time but doesn't contribute to solving the problem.


Even if it's true to an extent in your perspective, everyone has difficulties and struggles in their job no matter what occupation it is. Stating someone's job is easy comes off as offensive insinuating that they aren't working as hard as you. Each occupation has different levels of hardships and everyone is working just as hard to bring home the cash. So even if you have good intentions, it's better to just avoid saying it to anyone.


Extremely useful for those times when they refuse to pop up automatically or you close the window by mistake.


After you complete the favor, the other person will think that you put in extra work for them, when in reality you could have done it any time.


Grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores get shipments of product regularly and throw away a lot of boxes afterward. Ask someone to hold boxes a couple of weeks before you pack and you'll have plenty to help you move.


Even if everybody in the circle knows exactly what the joke is going to be, don’t just blurt out the punchline, or continuously say “I know how this one goes”, or whatever. You have to presume that there’ll be people in the group that are hearing it for the first time, and a well-executed joke can be a real ice breaker, particularly when you’re with a new person or new people.

Also, it can make it really awkward for the person telling the joke, especially if you make them feel as though they’re essentially speaking to themselves, since you’ve already made it clear that you know it.

Just something that always irritates me. Far too often, jokes just get cut short, and then the person pitching the joke is left to look silly. Laughter is the root of social interaction in many cases!

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