Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

Edit: As /u/yayPower pointed out it seems like one has to open a new tab for this to work.

Second Edit:

Wow this got bigger than expected. Thank you for the gold kind stranger.

It doesn't seem to work on every Android device. I'm on a Nokia 8 and have tested it multiple times now and it definitely works.

Sometimes you have to additionally press play on the lockscreen for it to work.

As several people mentioned there are multiple third party apps that may do a better job at this.


This is basically my one golden tip that helped me out of teenage struggle. I hope it can help someone else.

And by the way you won't automatically sound arrogant saying good stuff about yourself. Just don't think of it as a competition with others, then people actually appreciate someone being at peace with themselves.

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Meet Welmis Gutierrez: a world traveler, a recent college grad, a writer, a filmmaker, and a Grammarly user.


My wife works from home and a couple of nights a week she has to be on the phone in our bedroom. I can't really watch TV in the living room because our kids might hear it while sleeping so I discovered if I'm streaming something on Roku, I can open the Roku app on my phone (Android), plug in some headphones and in the app there is an icon with headphones on it. Hit that button and you can hear the audio from whatever your streaming. This way I can keep the TV muted while my wife is working and still hear the audio from the show.


Just check your library's website under the online learning section to see what's offered. I've gotten numerous certificates & I passed the ITIL Foundations exam by using this...and the certificates can even be added to your LinkedIn resume.


Simply enter the url for the article into, and voila. Outline shows you the bare-bones text of the website (it is not formatted poorly, don't worry) and does not allow pop ups or ads to appear.

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MY FIRST GOLD!!! Thank you kind stranger for making my day ❤️


I know this sounds too obvious, but I know lots of ppl (mostly boys/ young man) who have problems with the dishes: they only clean them when they really have to and then it's half an hour of work and therefore cleaning the dishes is bookmarked as lots of work in their mind. Here comes my metbod: every time I leave my pc to get a coffee or tea, I take the dirty glasses and plates with me and put them in the sink. Every other time use the time my water heater does its work, I clean the few dishes and by the time the water boils, I'm already done. This way it doesn't feel as it is lots of work and I never have dirty dishes (in my room). It's that easy: do something while you would be waiting for something otherwise. Be efficient.

Hope this helps some ppl like me who had trouble keeping your rokm tidy.

Ps: haha. Yeah. Or get a dishwashing machine.

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This Amazon upgrade might be even better than Prime.


I hope my situation can help others make informed decisions and have more power as a consumer.

I booked tickets through CheapOair recently. I normally don’t book through travel agencies I am not familiar with, but they seemed to have a flight time that didn’t exist elsewhere. Fortunately, just recently, my wife and I have had the privilege to choose what agency we use or airline company we book with and not only settle for the cheapest tickets. We’ve been burned one too many time with cheap travel agencies or airline companies. CheapOair...smh... I should have known better.

A couple of issues led to a wrongly booked ticketed.

One, when searching for a flight their site automatically places a different dates and different airport into your search results.

Second, blatantly placed throughout your experience on their site is a “24 Cancellation” notice. You do not know their is an actual fee to this cancellation until you place your mouse over an “i” for more information. The only reason this label exists is to give customers a false sense of security that their booking can be canceled 24 hours with the booking timeframe.

So, I continued with my booking, not triple checking like I tend to do. My booking was set. I had the time I needed, so I booked it. The very next page of the booking was hotel offerings for the city I was planning on flying into. The hotels were for Xiamen, China instead of Kinmen, Taiwan.

Within seconds I was on the phone with the airline. I picked up the phone to call before I received an email confirming my booking. They gentleman on the phone notified me it would cost $150 to cancel our flights. Our total airfare price was $280. That was more than half the airfare!

After some polite conversation asking to have the fee waived, I kindly thanked him and hung up. I decided to email customer support and see what they could do. In my email, I notes my issues and also notified them I will be addressing these issues with both my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau. They responding offering a full refund.

Rant over and this may be unique to my situation, but I hope this can help protect more consumers and give them more power in the face of some shady business practices.


I sometimes scroll through my phone to look at the last people I've texted in recent months and have found there's a lot of questions I could be asking: "how's your mom doing?" "how's the job hunt?" "how's the new job?" I say 'specific' because sometimes people don't have the time to simply answer "how are you doing," but specifics mean you remember, and you care. Sometimes when I set aside a time to do it, I'm amazed how many "life" things I'd forgotten about in my family/friend's lives, and they always seemed touched when I asked out of the blue, instead of as a piggyback when we'd already been chatting.

And, not to make it about selfishness, but I've found that people feel lonely when life hits them hard, and I think if you're always checking in on others, people are much more warm and open to reciprocate when you're going through something.


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