How to win against good Katarina? by Przykot in AniviaMains

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I recommend that you avoid buying zzrot until you climb to at least mid-plat. While a meme at this point, more damage is actually really good at lower elo.

The standard early build for anivia is tear into roa. Whether you skip one of them or change their order to fit banshees in depends on how well you are farming. What I would do in a hard matchup like this is get mr boots, get tear and roa and then build banshees 3rd. You can change boots at any time after that (if not vs hard cc).

As for your summoner spells, while barrier is a really good spell vs katarina, it's a very bad spell for anivia. You already get a shield from seraphs so barrier might be a bit of an overkill. The thought process for your sums should be like this:

  • ignite vs heals or easy matchups

  • tp vs hard matchups or when you know for a fact that you won't be getting blue

  • ghost vs high mobility (and preferably low cc)

  • cleanse vs tons of cc (remember that it doesn't work on knockups)

How to win against good Katarina? by Przykot in AniviaMains

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No need to try to combo her from a distance. When you know she is going to engage on you, simply ult on yourself and save either Q or W to cancel her ult. You said her combo is too fast for you to do anything which means you weren't tanky enough (also canceling ult with W is much faster than Q).

Consider buying mr early (and mr runes) to make sure that she actually needs to use her ult to burst you down. You also said Negatron wasn't enough, maybe banshees would be a better option.

Also if she roams a lot make sure you push the lane instead of following. Ward bot side and make sure you warn your bot lane early, but do NOT follow. Push and punish her for roaming by taking down her turret and denying her farm. I assume that in silver people will hate you despite what you decide to do so mute your bot if you have to.

When you're stuck on a side quest by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Seen it on r/gaming, r/imgoingtohellforthis and on 9gag (yes im a normie) REEEEEEEEEEEE

Why play ranked if you're just going to quit? by kalaniroot in leagueoflegends

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Darius is the most kiteable useless shit late game if your adc has at least average iq

I've Peaked. by Ideal0fH0pe in leagueoflegends

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We could use the mayweather vs mcgregor referee on those minions

"Anivia feels pretty useless still" -Froggen by Thethiala in AniviaMains

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If only they could give some vision back on W...

🅱️lants vs. 🅱️ombies by Dead_Meme_Trader in dankmemes

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PvZ 2 can suck my dick. Biggest disappointment ever

NS🅱W by tbsgrave in dankmemes

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There is nothing shown. I just added the 🅱️ to make it look like it's censored... Here it is anyway