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I gave it 1/10 and I ended up a plantation owner

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EntireSiteFromOrbit β€’ 1,111 points β€’

That's why I like Bill Burr.

"This city is messed up, what the fuck is wrong with you people?"

tbsgrave β€’ 21 points β€’

Dave Chappelle roasts them too

traimera β€’ 21 points β€’

An engineer calculated out the weight that would still float of the door and while the surface area was enough to fit both of them it wouldn't have been able to float with both of them on it, thus one would have died or both.

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zelda6174 β€’ 358 points β€’


tbsgrave β€’ 119 points β€’

There is nothing with the number itself. The problem is with the smartasses who don't understand what's it's about and they are like: "if I keep adding natural numbers forever, I will get -1/12 :D".

Yeah, fuck those people...

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tbsgrave β€’ 1 point β€’

Dank af

julesjacobs β€’ 3 points β€’

Let's focus on simpler curves first.

(cos t, sin t): unit circle

(cos t, -sin t): y coordinate reflected => unit circle

(cos t, 1-sin t): y coordinate shifted up by 1 => unit circle shifted up

((4/5)cos t, 1-sin t): x coordinate multiplied by 4/5 => ellipse

The last coordinate (-3/5)cos t is just a multiple of the first coordinate => ellipse in space in the plane given by (4/5)x = (-3/5)z.

tbsgrave β€’ 1 point β€’

So finding the trace of the curve translates into describing what shape it represents? Do I have to prove it's an ellipse somehow?

julesjacobs β€’ 2 points β€’

Not sure what it means.

If you want to find an equation observe x2 + y2 = cos(t)2 + sin(t)2 = 1 is the equation for a circle. So the equation in the xy coordinates is (5/4 x)2 + (1 - y)2 = 1, and the second equation is (4/5)x = (-3/5)z. Visually, it's the intersection of a compressed cylinder in the z direction with that plane.

tbsgrave β€’ 1 point β€’

Thank you very much, only a few hours left to turn it in and you are a savior.

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tbsgrave β€’ 1 point β€’

Why is this shit so funny to me

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