The Pope gets it by McJock in dankmemes

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Why are there integrals in those words

How has Rune Reforged affected your main? by PhillipIInd in leagueoflegends

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I just realised "reddit is fun" is not the official app. I thought it was the only one

Isn't it about time we got a new death recap? by Rancorip in leagueoflegends

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They should actually remove the current one while working on a new one. I have been experiencing a bug for a while now (could be a couple of years) that when I'm about to die, my game freezes. This is so tilting since it prevents me from using heal/shields or at least make a last stand effort to do some damage before going down. Rito pls

I thought they were looking into the fact that people liked the lvl3 and lvl4 honor ward skins better than the lvl5 one? by tbsgrave in leagueoflegends

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The lvl3 honor ward is my favorite color by far. Orange is meh, purple is ok but holy shit lvl3 is all I need in my life

Rules Reminder by pHorniCaiTe in dankmemes

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I just realised "mods are fags" wasn't just a random meme. Why do these degenerates run a subreddit?

B did nothing wrong by tbsgrave in dankmemes

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Before y'all mofos say it, yeah I do know it should be the right hand. REEE

Spaced out man 😦😦 by Ross_Jamieson in dankmemes

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That's fucked up dude. I'm 100% sure that pokemon pearl is not gay.. smh

The new 5m. "dt" is also chat filtered. by Gosu-No-Pico in leagueoflegends

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How am I supposed to integrate in respect of the variable "t" while in game??