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tbsgrave commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
BudDrunk 1,351 points

Maybe in SoloQ bc thats all he will be doing for a bit.

tbsgrave 196 points


Inyox 94 points

I tried to google what oof means and it’s says “The mating call of horny eight year old Robloxians”, what the fuck does that means

tbsgrave 5 points
tbsgrave commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
AzirIsOverNerfed 106 points

he's referring to the speed in which the silver balance team moved on Irelia but the numbness and intentional ignoring towards champions that have been freelo for 5 seasons

tbsgrave 1 point

Your name is so relevant. I'm trying to get all mages to lvl7 mastery and now I'm trying to do it with Azir. As you might know, your rating at the end of the game depends on the average performance of the champ. I literally got an S with a kda of 5-7-11, 234cs at 34 minutes and 21k damage (14k gold total), which shows you how much azir is underperforming atm. Don't even have to look at stats.

Edit: Silvers downvoting

Bballsean101 2 points

I've heard people talk about that graves should be able to pick which gun he wants at base, especially now that we have kayn form. Might be a good idea, as I think taking people out of the ADC role is a bad idea. Lacking alot of variety

tbsgrave 1 point

That's probably the best idea but it's gonna be impossible to balance

AngryDubstepMan 2 points

Negro man, white dwarf

tbsgrave 1 point


tbsgrave commented on a post in r/AniviaMains
tbsgrave 1 point

Well she is viable if that's what you are asking. It wasn't a nerf but rather a shift of power in her kit.

I don't like her as much though. The only reason I still main her is because I have mained her since 2010, so I got too good at her to just stop playing her. She is much clunkier and no longer as fun as she used to be...

Worth noting that the recent item changes favored her a lot.

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