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salmonella_ella_ella 3 points

... now might be a good time to remember that Russia has a hand in North Korea’s cyber infrastructure

A state-owned Russian telecommunications firm has given North Korea a new Internet connection, potentially increasing Pyongyang's ability to stage cyberattacks and protect the embattled country's online infrastructure.

The new connection was first spotted by Internet analysts at Oracle Dyn, who noted that a new connection for North Koreans provided by the Russian firm TransTeleCom appeared in Internet routing databases about 5:38 p.m. Pyongyang time Sunday.

The new connection appears to supplement a connection run by China Unicom that has operated since 2010. With two connections, experts argue, North Korean Internet users could expect a higher international bandwidth capacity as well as a greater ability to withstand attacks.

Also the history and future directions of a Russia-China joint data venture in North Korea:

For many years the Soviet Union was the key economic partner of North Korea. After the USSR broke up, Russia has not played such an important role in the DPRK's economic development. In 2013, its share in the foreign trade of North Korea accounted for a mere 1%. However, in the second decade of the 21st century bilateral, contacts have intensified significantly. Judging by the recent developments, the Russian leadership has made a political decision to expand economic cooperation with North Korea and stimulate Russia's business interests with the DPRK. Russia has set a goal of growing the volume of its trade with North Korea by a factor of ten by 2020. Moreover, Moscow is currently developing a number of investment projects in the DPRK and Russian companies are also looking at developing more of them. Another important aim for Russia is the implementation of big infrastructure projects with both Koreas.

skoalbrother 6 points

You're links don't work, I'd like to read them if you can try to post again

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Khourieat 1 point

Sure it would, unless it explodes it won't take the wing with it, which means they have a long, long time while it glides into a crash. He can use that time to find the exit door and parachute away :P

skoalbrother 1 point

Since you would be stuck on the plane, your best course of action is make the parachute into a noose and hang yourself. Better than riding that plane into the ground

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