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The Pentagon Inspector General has released a new report on Friday regarding the Afghan War. The report contradicts administration claims that escalation of the conflict was making headway, concluding that “no significant progress” was made in the war in all of 2017. "It is particularly noteworthy, as the Inspector General used actual metrics to gauge progress, noting that the stated goal was to get 80% of Afghanistan’s population under government control, and that the US is no closer to reaching that, with most estimates in the 60% range, still the lowest in the war. "16+ years into the US war in Afghanistan, they control less territory than ever. Despite a priority in striking opium poppy cultivation, that too hit a record in 2017. No substantial changes have been made since the escalation. "President Trump announced the escalation in August, committing more troops to Afghanistan and also forbidding the Pentagon from publicizing specific troop numbers. A recent report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) noted that they weren’t allowed to release the metrics included in today’s report, on the percentage on the country under control. Suffice it to say, those metrics aren’t favorable to claims the war has turned the corner. "The narrative that the war has “turned the corner” has been a popular one for years, indeed over a decade, but the reality is that the war has been struggling throughout, and even claims of a “stalemate” are wildly optimistic."

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Inland_Botanicals 2 points

Our only code right now is IBLOVE for 10% off $150 but you can always leave me a note in the order comments and I’ll hook you up with samples 😀

skoalbrother 2 points

Small Order made, I will order more once I try it out. Thanks! Order 1855

Inland_Botanicals 2 points

Thanks! I’ll get that shipped out today with some extras for you to try out as well. Have a great weekend!

skoalbrother 2 points

Thank you so much! Have a good weekend!

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seamonkeydoo2 438 points

Bannon may be flat out evil, but he's pretty universally regarded as smart. I think he knows where all this is headed and is likely to try and save his own hide rather than cover up.

skoalbrother 46 points

Maybe they are using reverse psychology on him. They don't have the recording but they want Bannon to believe they do so they leak this story?

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leafandbeer 259 points

POTD Record: 39-17-2 | +191.95u | Streak: W4


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Hello, we meet again...


skoalbrother 7 points

Will you have my baby? 😘

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sungoddaily 341 points

This isn't that far off, recently he was told most welfare recipients aren't black. His response? The president was incredulous. “Really? Then what are they?”

skoalbrother 0 points

When I Googled the word incredulous, there is a picture of Jim Comey

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