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PraetorGogarty 1 point

Power's back on (at least where I'm at). Still nothing on cause?

aldotcom 4 points

HU says cause was equipment failure:


Electric service has been restored to the previously reported outage areas in western Madison County. Service was interrupted just before 3:00AM to parts of West Huntsville, the City of Madison, and the Monrovia Community due to an equipment failure in the substation serving those areas. Crews made repairs and service was restored at 4:22AM.

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Letchworth 0 points

ITT: Neither /u/aldotcom nor John Archibald.

aldotcom 4 points

See the note above. Thanks to this afternoon's presser we had to push this to tomorrow morning.

Ravaha 311 points

As a person from Alabama, it seems Alabama has some rediculously good journalists, AKA Compared to other small and medium sized states. So many politicians jailed and now they are assisting with this. Maybe there are just an abundance of stupid criminals in alabama, which seems likely.

aldotcom 263 points


dances_with_treez 25 points

Yeah, you're getting added to my favorites list. Journalism is difficult, but it's exceedingly difficult in the south. Be proud.

aldotcom 23 points

It's been a tough decade for our industry, but we're incredibly proud of the hard work of journalists like what Anna Claire has done on this story. She's proving that journalism can still be done well, and people will still read it.

EDIT: Missing word. ("what")

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