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Not as often as you think actually. I use to post everyday back when I started but over the last year I have slowed down considerably. Pretty much don't post on the weekends at all anymore and usually take a couple days off during the week. If you look at what I posted today, total it probably took a half hour or so to find the content, convert to gifs, and then post it. Once you've done it for a while and know what to look for posting takes a lot less time than you would think.

bicycle 10 points

Do you have a job? Genuinely curious

SlimJones123 7 points

Yes, I am at work right now.

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H0agh 12 points

Should xpost this to /r/Dadreflexes dude.

SlimJones123 20 points

First world karmawhore problems, I already have the top post there currently :/

azzaranda 1,566 points

I read the title as "extreme dabbing" and was really confused for a solid minute.

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I post mostly gifs and try to bring as much new and interesting content to reddit as I can find. Follow me here or on imgur

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