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Thanos_the_Rad_Titan 1 point

Looks great! Would you recommend the figuarts wrestlers? I've been thinking about getting them, but I haven't completely decided.

SlimJones123 1 point

They're the only 2 wrestling figures I own and am very happy with both of them. Also some of the most affordable figuarts and come with a ton of alternate hands/heads.

AtlasUltimateYT -16 points

What do you mean? He made it in the other team's goal

SlimJones123 21 points

The red team is on offense.

AtlasUltimateYT -18 points

So? The black team scored, no issue.

SlimJones123 23 points

The goalie is for the black team, so he scored an own goal.

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I post mostly gifs and try to bring as much new and interesting content to reddit as I can find.

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