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Lukabob commented on a post in r/malelivingspace
sonnytron -19 points

He’s a fucking giant guys, we figured it out. Someone call the cops.
Also you’re not allowed to play basketball, it would be unfair for the team that doesn’t get first pick.
Unless the other team gets two black guys.

Lukabob 6 points

If you had stopped this comment at the second sentence it would have been hilarious.

SecretFootToucher 3,119 points

I'm all for protecting net nutrality, but overlaying a prominent figure with text they never said doesn't sit right with me. Kind of like attributing a quote to Einstein to make your own thoughts sound smarter.

Lukabob 157 points

This thought crossed my mind as I was making it. I have a great respect for Carl Sagan and hope that because he died long before these net neutrality issues, it will be obvious he never said this.

Only motive here is to bring up an issue I find important in an entertaining way and in no way is it to attempt to sound smarter.

EDIT: Information won't be manipulated. It will disappear. Everything that becomes too visible that is against an agenda they support will be gone. You won't be lied to. You will be blind and deaf. The store won't have a misleading sign on it that you can all argue about, the roads leading to the store will be gone.

The missing the fucking point in this thread is beyond Poe's law, it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm sorry I used every ones hero, I genuinely thought it was obvious given all the context. I'm an idiot.

I hope my horrible attempt here doesn't go completely in vain. If you care about this issue please visit this link.

frameratedrop 3 points

Maybe the problem isn't that you used a "hero", but the problem is that you fabricated something. You posted this as if this were an actual quote of Sagan's, and you manipulated unrelated footage without mentioning any of this.

This isn't "Here is Carl Sagan talking on Net Neutrality" like your title says. This is "Here is Lukabob's opinion presented as Carl Sagan's opinion."

I think the issue is that you're being dishonest, so even though your message may be a good one, it's presented in a fairly bad way. You shouldn't have to lie to people and make an appeal to an authority figure.

Lukabob 3 points

The next sentence is "I thought it was obvious [that he didn't say this] given the context." Accusing me of trying to pass off my own ideas as someone else's is just false. Look at my post history, I use that title style for basically every gif I make.

The real problem here is that Carl Sagan is a very, very respected voice of reason and people don't like that I disrespected his legacy in this manner. I get it, I really do. That's why I apologized.

The fact is, if I used Seth Rogan and titled the gif the very same way, no one would give two shits even though technically, I'm putting words in Seth Rogans mouth now.

It is absolutely the source material I chose.

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Lukabob commented on a post in r/videos
is_that_a_thing_now 14 points

If the restaurant won’t let me eat there again if I tell them I didn’t get what I ordered, then I might reconsider why I thought it was such a great place to begin with.

Lukabob 2 points

Yea, seriously, grow up and find a new one.

Lukabob commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
FrankGoreStoleMyBike 24 points

No. He was a writer for a few comedy shows, wrote for Chris Rock and leveraged that connection into writing and directing Pootie Tang.

At the point here he was still bordering on stardom and fame and being a popular journeyman comic.

Lukabob 15 points

The other part of this I feel should be questioned is the exactness. 20 years ago? They tell this story like a stenographer is watching audio video evidence.

Does anyone here have any idea how unreliable human memory is? Half the population thinks there was a movie called Shazam staring sinbad. Or was it Shaq?

Anyway, the point is there are a whole bunch of subtleties in words or events that could change the whole perspective. Maybe the girls were drunk and encouraged him? If he did have power, maybe they knew it and thought they could use him to further their careeres. It's not impossible. Idk. It just freaks me out how vauge a story can be and yet so many people will just take it as absolute fact. Wait til it's you in the hot seat on something that's potentially twisted against you, even if the accuser isn't malicious, just wrong.

There was actually a Louis ck bit about how he thought a gay man was always hitting on him and he hated that gay guy for it for years and years. Then, he was talking to his friend about that guy and as his friend asked him questions and probed him about how the gay guy was hitting on him, it slowly turned out that he just perceived it that way and that the whole story was just "once there was a gay man".

Lukabob commented on a post in r/IASIP
odieman1231 -7 points

What is it about this show that I just can’t get into?

I love Parks and Rec, The Office, etc etc. but the wife and I have tried and tried watching this show and it just isn’t funny. Not bashing it, I genuinely want to get into it.

Lukabob 4 points

I'd recommend jumping into season 4 or 5. The middle seasons (at least IMHO) is where all the legendary shit is. Some greatness in the newer seasons too.

realvmouse 5 points

Are you kidding me? S1:E1 is already a classic. Anyone who doesn't find it funny is a Russian bot.

Lukabob 3 points

Lol I have never seen a full 5 minutes of that show without laughing at something

You must understand, tastes between humans vary a bit and if IASIP isn't instantly fucking hilarious. Maybe try looking forward to when they got even better and see if that does it for ya

Lukabob commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Darkersun 65 points

They seriously misunderstood this quote.

Yeah, not to mention you don't catch fish the regular way by shooting them with a gun.

The saying is clearly referring to using a bow and arrow to hunt for fish.

Lukabob 21 points

The saying is clearly referring to using a bow and arrow to hunt for fish.

I think you misunderstood the saying. Fish is a band and a barrel is stagehand slang for the part of the stage the performers stand on.

It's easy to shoot someone in those locations with a slingshot.

Lukabob commented on a post in r/wholesomememes
ckach 3,562 points

Just make sure the criticisms is reasonably constructive. "This sucks. Go die" should never be a response to putting yourself out there.

Lukabob 46 points

Hmmm, I'd take "this sucks, go die" over "you know what, I think you'd be better off focusing your time on something else, art may not be your thing ya know?"

Sometimes polite answers kill you on a whole other level.

Lukabob commented on a post in r/showerbeer
asianmom69 31 points

And the lack of food storage, water, and other more useful things electricity provides?

Lukabob 62 points


Everyone answered this question as if OP asked how you live without internet. I want to know how they're cooking. Are they building fires? What happened to their job? How are they getting around?

There is so much more to this question than entertainment. Christ.

manolox70 2 points

Food storage has been the same as any other time for people who have generators and can power their fridges. People without generators (like me) can't buy perishables and if we do it's because the food will be prepared and eaten right away.

Access to running water is also being affected, but not as badly as electricity. People leaving in condos or higher altitude areas (like me) need electricity for the water pumps to make it up to their homes. The government has trucks of water all over where people can bring containers to store water and bring home. They can also get water fron friends or family who haven't lost access to the service.

People are using gas stoves to cook, which is why propane is hard to find. Other than that, buying fast food or going to whatever restaurants are open. This is the reason why the government suspended our 11.5% sales tax only on prepared food.

A lot of people have been laid off or have had their jobs essentially put on hold for the time being. The parent company of the island's 2 biggest newspapers had to fire 25% of their workforce. A lot of businesses haven't been able to open yet, either because of damage to the property or no access to electricity/generators, which has left people without a paycheck for the time being and/or looking for a job.

As for getting around, it's harder than normal, but much much easier than it was a few weeks ago. Right after the hurricane the streets were absolutely filled to the brim with cars upon cars upon cars of people out looking for supplies or just out and about for whatever reason. Lines for gasoline would take anywhere from 3-12 hours. Sometimes you'd be in line for a few hours only to have the attendant come out and tell you they're out of gasoline, which meant getting into traffic again to find another gas station that was open, had gasoline available, and the line wasn't too bad. It was absolute stressful chaos. I can't speak for the situation in the rural areas, but here in the metropolitan area traffic is not as bad anymore. There aren't as many people on the streets due to more jobs, schools and universities resuming their operations as usual. There's police directing traffic in a lot, but not all, of intersections where there's normally traffic lights. Most gas stations are open again (I think I read somewhere around 80% of those in the island) and there's only lines at certain times of the day, but they only take 30 minutes at most.

Lukabob 2 points

Thank you

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