Steam Store - Summer Sales Are Here! Enjoy :) by [deleted] in GameDeals

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Trying to hop on that Karma train, I see.

From Software On Why Their Games Don't Have Difficulty Options by Jaumpasama in Games

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Plenty of games aren't meant for people who want it to be easy. Look at Super Meat Boy for example. That game is hard as fuck. Toning it down defeats the purpose. Same here.

HITMAN™ 2 Announcement Trailer by lashman in Games

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Uhh excuse you. Sean Bean is a renowned actor famous for his role of Lurch in the TV movie Punters and Zeus in the Oscar-winning film Percy Jackson and the Chamber of Secrets.

[Humble Store] Torment: Tides of Numenera (17,99€/60% off) by pepeizq in GameDeals

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I've heard this game has an incredible story but shit gameplay. Can anyone chime in?

[E3 2018] Jedi Fallen Order (Star Wars game) by Ainsyyy in Games

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No trailer. No art. No real details. Horrific interview (no fault to Andrea Rene, that dude was either just insanely awkward or baked). Release date is way off in the future.

What the fuck was that?

HITMAN™ 2 Announcement Trailer by lashman in Games

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He also did the narration of Civ VI! I really hope he does more voice work in games.

Telltale's Walking Dead: The Final Season First Trailer - 'The Last Bullet' by Kylestache in Games

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They've brought back the writers from season 1 so hopefully that will help.