‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Film Moving Forward at Paramount by BunyipPouch in movies

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A story written by Griffin would emotionally break me again, man.

35-100mm or 45-150mm? by Kylestache in PanasonicG7

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The 35-100mm on that Amazon link is a f/2.8? Oof, that makes this choice to buy one even harder. What gives it such great image quality? What are some of the high quality elements? How do they compare to the other lens?

Is Fable 2 on PC possible yet? by Steve_101 in pcgaming

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I don't think you understand how game development works.

What is one item that you just can’t replace with a generic brand? by iwillmakeitk in AskReddit

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There's an $3 off brand cologne called Masculino or something like that that smells exactly like some fancy expensive Giorgio Armani cologne. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it and it makes me feel great that I only spent $3.

What is warmth? by icechu123 in vinyl

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These New York streets get colder

February Marks the First Month That PUBG's Player Base Has Declined by Another4Milos in pcgaming

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Could it be because they just banned over a million players for hacking?

I’m Brian “Q” Quinn of Impractical Jokers. Ask me anything! by brianqquinn in movies

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Are there any challenges you wish you could do but can't?

What is your favorite challenge?

How did you guys all first meet? What was your first impression of the other guys?

Is Sal gay?