Any idea why the price dropped 30% by ARNOLDZANERYAN in GolemTrader

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Pretty much that. Weak hands are panicking and selling causing the price to go down.

What skills can a poor 19 y/o learn to help make an income and get further in life? by PM_ME_UR_REDHEAD in AskReddit

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how has the AWS cert been working for you? I'm thinking about working towards that next.

I've managed to save up near 50,000 dollars. What do I do next? by Justsayingthetruthyo in Frugal

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Vanguard also has investment funds with a target year date that you can invest in as well. i.e. VFFVX

Golem to break $1 today? by Capt_Calamity in GolemTrader

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eh if it does drop, I'll just buy some more.

ATH!! by [deleted] in GolemTrader

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Yeah it's crazy... what happened?

Which amount of GNT makes a whale a whale? by nanoCrypto in GolemTrader

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Only have like 2k. Pisses me off that I can't buy anymore faster because of wait times with Coinbase.

[US] 2017 Black Friday Deals Megathread (Updated Regularly) by weebae in PS4

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there are still bundles like this https://www.gamestop.com/ps4/consoles/playstation-4-1tb-system-family-bundle-with-50-gamestop-gift-card/156677

that are like $240 and come with a $50 gift card. I bought it and plan on just selling the games.

롱패딩 trend by mojave955 in korea

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reminds me of naruto for some reason.

What are you're favorite things to do in KC? by FauxVampire in kansascity

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Shoot I've been here for less than a week and even I know what that is.