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227 points · 4 days ago

Kelsi Monroe I ain't even gotta ask

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How the....

Idk how you guys do it. It's impressive in one way. And in another, I'm kinda glad I don't have that ability. I like beatin' my dick like a skinny juggalo who just slapped my mom, while I watch thick bitches with bush get fucked by multiple dicks on my computer as much as the next guy but damn...

Y'all consume a lot of porn.

I knew I recognized your name from somewhere! What's up, man?

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What's up, man?

It's about to be me w/r/t yer butt.

404 points · 2 months ago

It’s interesting what some Reddit users will chose to be known as...

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20 points · 2 months ago

Quick! Someone do me!

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A buttplug too, to protect your internal organs.

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I gotcha covered, fam.

No. But some people really seem to enjoy smoking pcp, too. Do you.

I need to start getting to asteroids and mining them or redirecting them. I've got about 500+ hours (a conservative estimate) of gameplay and I haven't made it to anything beyond Minmus w/o Hyperedit or playing sandbox.

I also restart a career game each time Kerbal updates, or one of the mods I add breaks it and I have to fresh-install everything, so that's why.

It's stuff like your post though which adds so much charm to the game. The things I see on this subreddit are amazing!

Ninja edit - I didn't realize I hadn't logged out of this account before posting. Whoops.

I don't really want to ask what you set up a second account for, particularly with such an... um... interesting name, but...

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I came home from the bars one night, and apparently created a new account, which I discovered in the morning.

I get a kick out of it being polite and kind in my responses to people, which they don't usually expect given the silly handle.

Nice. I still haven't made it to anything past minmus w/o cheating or playing sandbox.

Gotta take the elevator to the mezzanine and it's on super bon bon super bon bon

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I always think of Gran Turismo 3 when I hear that. I think it's 3 anyway.

I also think of an old boss of mine who was a superfan of Soul Coughing.

I can't see "mezzanine" without thinking of a thunderously-boring book by Nicholson Baker (Wtf kind of a first name is 'Nicholson' anyway? That's like naming your dog 'Rachel'.) and of Massive Attack.

Especially you, tho

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Today, you; tomorrow, me.

Someone evading Justice followed by a car crash, a perfect metaphor.

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Can I kiss you for being so smart? That made my morning.

1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

It's also called turkey basting !

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Thanksgiving at your house must be a riot

The alpha and omega, like a cock ourouboros

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There's a ring I haven't ravaged yet.

Beta key me, yo!

Same, just @'d him.

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Ima send him some DM him, too. DM is "dick magic" right? "Ok, Pai. Keep an eye on my dick. I'm gonna make it disappear!"


"Do you have a guess for where I made it disappear to?"

Upvoted bc I've got the same question.

True. I gave it what it wanted.

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That's cool, man. I was admittedly acerbic in my reply so thank you for not being a dick back and cool about everything.

You're alright, you know that?

I’d prefer to just say I’m in VA, rather than give them my exact address.

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I'd prefer to just say you're lazy af and don't give a shit about anything.

"If you're ever lost on a sinking ship, follow the rats. They'll always lead you to safety."

(Said in a Kevin Spacey voiceover)

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Yeah I'm not so sure about that piece of country bumpkin wisdom. Ima follow the exit signs and crew.

You do the expression has nothing to do with actual sinking ships and rats? It's a metaphorical saying.

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Ooooh? No kidding? Well don't I just look silly... /s

Guy goes out in the wilderness to live with bears.

Gets eaten by bears.

Excellent documentary by Werner Herzog about him.

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"Eaten by bears" isn't the gay reference you're going to assume it is when watching it. Dude was gay as the day is long.

12.2k points · 7 months ago

How the fuck would I sell saffron

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High grade LSD. Do you have any idea how many doses are in 50L?

You'd have to parcel it out slowly to not flood the market, but you could dose every single human on earth at least once with that.

Yeah but then you have to not get caught. The feds are going to be looking for the source of this high-grade acid and eventually they're going to end up knocking on your door.

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I'm sure they just want some of that 8 hours of hellish introspection action.

Does mechjeb make orbital meetings easier?

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Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

It does it for you.

3 points · 7 months ago

Great! Now you can Start training to dock without RCS. I don't bother putting it on small craft anymore. It gets just as easy after a while.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

Using the main engines for translation?

He’s deflecting from sexual assault by changing the topic to “Kevin Spacey comes out!”

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"Assault"? Making a pass at a 14 year old is wildly inappropriate and sexual harassment for sure, but assault? Nah.

oh ha , didn't even catch that. Good spot friend first pint at a meetup is on me.

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I'm tagging you as "First pint's on him!"

It must drive him nuts that Danny's tweets got a few hundred times more favorites and retweets.

Also, he sounds like a fucking slow kid on recess trying to respond back to insults he doesn't understand. "Oh, yeah? Well.... you're dumb! And boring!"


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