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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/ImGoingToHellForThis
rabidbasher 8 points

Same, just @'d him.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points

Ima send him some DM him, too. DM is "dick magic" right? "Ok, Pai. Keep an eye on my dick. I'm gonna make it disappear!"


"Do you have a guess for where I made it disappear to?"

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/news
zedudedaniel 4 points

True. I gave it what it wanted.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points

That's cool, man. I was admittedly acerbic in my reply so thank you for not being a dick back and cool about everything.

You're alright, you know that?

zedudedaniel -6 points

I’d prefer to just say I’m in VA, rather than give them my exact address.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 8 points

I'd prefer to just say you're lazy af and don't give a shit about anything.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/television
lost_ranger 3,884 points

"If you're ever lost on a sinking ship, follow the rats. They'll always lead you to safety."

(Said in a Kevin Spacey voiceover)

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 0 points

Yeah I'm not so sure about that piece of country bumpkin wisdom. Ima follow the exit signs and crew.

lost_ranger 1 point

You do the expression has nothing to do with actual sinking ships and rats? It's a metaphorical saying.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points

Ooooh? No kidding? Well don't I just look silly... /s

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BigSexyTolo 12,228 points

How the fuck would I sell saffron

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points


High grade LSD. Do you have any idea how many doses are in 50L?

You'd have to parcel it out slowly to not flood the market, but you could dose every single human on earth at least once with that.

avatar28 2 points

Yeah but then you have to not get caught. The feds are going to be looking for the source of this high-grade acid and eventually they're going to end up knocking on your door.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points

I'm sure they just want some of that 8 hours of hellish introspection action.

MrHiym 1 point

Does mechjeb make orbital meetings easier?

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

It does it for you.

seehp 7 points

Great! Now you can Start training to dock without RCS. I don't bother putting it on small craft anymore. It gets just as easy after a while.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

Using the main engines for translation?

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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/television
GuruMeditationError 7,293 points

He’s deflecting from sexual assault by changing the topic to “Kevin Spacey comes out!”

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

"Assault"? Making a pass at a 14 year old is wildly inappropriate and sexual harassment for sure, but assault? Nah.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/movies
greentree20 1 point

A)who says I'm a writer and B)who says I drink beer. The behind the scenes folks on a movie set are not only writers actors or directors , for every actor, a good rule of thumb, is that there are 12 technicians to support that person on set. Have a great day and go enjoy a quality cider.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

No, silly. Not you, the author of the article.

greentree20 1 point

oh ha , didn't even catch that. Good spot friend first pint at a meetup is on me.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

I'm tagging you as "First pint's on him!"

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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/MurderedByWords
Literally_A_Shill 376 points
Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 152 points

It must drive him nuts that Danny's tweets got a few hundred times more favorites and retweets.

Also, he sounds like a fucking slow kid on recess trying to respond back to insults he doesn't understand. "Oh, yeah? Well.... you're dumb! And boring!"

nelsonmavrick 129 points


Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points


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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/politics
Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 11 points

I'm starting to think the only reason he's still alive is because of the benefits he's creating for the ultra-wealthy/powerful.

If he was this heavy-handed with creating an egalitarian society he'd have been served some special tea by now.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
Rainers535 12 points

You tell me!

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 2 points

I hope you have a nice day!


Even if you don't like having sex in front of animals.

Naivy 18 points

But was that handmade?

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 49 points

Of course!

Like we'd be showing up to an international engagement in anything but the finest handmade core memory.

Real pilots don't fly off the rack hardware.

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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/sadcringe
JamesHardensNutBeard 44 points

I’m not afraid of MILK or your unappealing ZYDECO MUSIC.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 3 points

Used a random noun generator and got this:

I'm not afraid of FISHING or your unappealing ACCIDENT

which sounds like a pretty severe threat.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/trees
Procrastibator666 4 points

A rusty trombone is when you're getting jerked off while getting your ass eaten out from behind. Not something physical you can shove up an ass

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 3 points

Nah, that's just Micheal. He's got a predilection for unconventional sex toys and desires.

reds8888 -2 points

Well don't buy the cheapest shit you can find next time. Support American glass blowers, not this china shit. Hell, the pink is painted on. Or it's a sticker. It's complete and total garbage.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

I'm aware of what I bought.

I have a hard time spending $80+ on drug paraphernelia when the majority of my income is spoken for.

If you can afford to drop a few bills on a bong, then good for you. I'm sure you enjoy it.

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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/KerbalSpaceProgram
MayorMacaw 1 point

You could consider using the administration building, I think it is. Basically let's you convert some % of funds or reputation into science points. Depending on your advancement, the gains could be significant.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

I just learned about this and started using it for my career. I convert 25-35% of contract reward money into science points. So, I get science for doing some of them, and then more science on top of that when I'm paid for completion.

Tourism contracts are an easy way to reach the next tech node you want.

I try not to do too many of those, though, because then it feels almost like adding funds with Alt+F12.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/gadgets
meowed 132 points


Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 12 points

Sometimes I wish TPN was available on the consumer market.

Of course my brachial veins are in bad shape from ten years of pushing hydromorphone and heroin up them so might not work for me.

lilroldy 1 point

Hydromorphone>heroin for me, I never ived enough to real catch a nod thankfully so I always snorted it, 8 and 1/2 months since I've touched heroin but I've slipped up a few times with pills, congrats on kicking the shit dude

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 1 point

Count yourself lucky you never IV'ed hydro. I'm not one for governmental control over drugs, but if that were to ever be sold in liquid preparation - or in pills obv since that's how I IV'ed it if I couldn't score some ampoules from work - it needs to come with a severe black box warning about the addictive nature of that route, specifically with that drug.

There's nothing else like it. It's as intense as IV cocaine but in opiate form. I'd bang 16-24 mgs at a time and it fucking hurt it was so good. Literally. That shit hurt, but in the best way possible. I'd be in a Meijer parking lot holding onto the steering wheel with white knuckles, grunting and gritting my teeth until the rush subsided.

Really freaks me out to think about it, now.

We're not wired-up biologically to handle that well.

Good job on the 8 months! Once you want to kick, shit's easy.

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Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt commented on a post in r/news
rabidstoat 11,539 points

There is audio out there of a guy who was driving on an interstate when a rock went through his window and hit his wife in the head. Their college-aged (I think, maybe high school-aged) daughter was in the backseat. All I remember from the audio was his anguish and horror when he said something like, "She's missing half her brain!"

She lived, but with brain damage and other lasting physical injuries, and requires constant care.

He committed suicide two years later.

Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 0 points

That is the most horrific video I've seen. You can see the brick fall of the truck driving the other way and sail into the window. That scream is just too much.

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