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Please no sleeping animals, seriously harmed animals, or anything else off topic.

FYI this rule allows us to keep the sub's content quality in check when it comes down to very low effort posts of animals simply asleep. In this case however the dog's clear r/stoppedworking state (eyes open, tongue out, derp level over 9000) makes the post quite fitting. Even flaired it because that's freakin' hilarious.

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Sarah Sellers, a 26 year old nurse from Tucson, thought it would be fun to run the race with her brother. She only ran one other marathon, last fall, to qualify for Boston.

On Monday, under miserable conditions that daunted dozens of professional runners, she beat all but one. At the finish line when told she was 2nd, she asked "in what division?". She was stunned to find out 2nd of all of the thousand of women who ran.


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