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GallowBoob 9 points

I am 100% against this btw in case you're confused on where i stand...


The Tory Government has outdone itself when it comes to neglecting animal rights this week – by effectively declaring that all animals (apart from humans, of course) have no emotions or feelings, including the ability to feel pain. While debating the Brexit bill, MPs voted not to transfer into UK law the parts of EU legislation which recognise animals have sentience, and can feel pain and emotions.

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edit - Animals who have the same structure (eyes + breathing tube + digestive and reproductive systems) are both sentient and can feel the polar extremes of happiness or sadness. It's not rocket science, just look in a mirror or go adopt a new pet.

bobcobble 4 points

I don't have a suggestion but is Peaky Blinders good? People keep telling me to watch it and I haven't yet.

GallowBoob 3 points

Same here. All my friends had seen it and loved it but i assumed it was shite. Binged 4 seasons (and paid for 1... Netflix UK is shit) in a week. My sleep pattern is messed up now but it was all worth it.

RestrictedX93 4 points

Gangs of New York old movie but a great one that fits late 1800’s gangs

GallowBoob 1 point

I've been feeling like i need to watch it again. I might do just that! Thanks

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