People who are still using an Android phone for more than two years, how is it now? by joooh in Android

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my experience is similar (although I do have some scratches on the aluminum)

+this thing flies. was very anxious about getting a Samsung, because of its light track record but its almost like new

+the black color that looks blue in the sun still captivates me whenever I take it out of its case. Wondering why Samsung didn't use it on its later phones

-I think that this phone has no battery. Like, at all. If I forget my power bank at home I'm dead. Thinking of doing the S7 battery mod, but I have neither the guts to do it, nor the money to buy a new phone if something goes wrong

-anecdotal experience but I think the camera has gotten worse with updates, especially in low light. not really sure though

Alternative to quickpic? by Dczieta in androidapps

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when the play store app gets updated will we be prompted to update or is it signed with different key etc?

Real Madrid Revenues for the 2016/17 season hit 674.6 million euros, 8.8% higher than last year by yash1994 in soccer

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Is a negative net debt a good thing? Seems so. Can someone eli5 the numbers for me?

Google's Pixel 2 event teaser page is up. by luisdile02 in Android

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wear cause I'm hard on my hardware

well that was hard to read!

iPhone X users, welcome to 2015! (OC) by MadeThisForATTRBug in AndroidMasterRace

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Also, the Galaxy S6 has the ability to crop screenshots...but I don't see you using it! :-P

Not to mention the superior battery experience...Everyone from my acquaintances has now accepted the "my S6 battery is about to die" excuse as a valid reason to not answer them, which saves me a lot of trouble!

Gareth Bale: "My biggest weakness? I'm a bit lazy" by iforcememes in soccer

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well, I can link you my Paypal account to pay me in order to never be hugged by him...Deal?

Post Match Thread: Real Madrid 1-1 Levante [Spanish Primera División] by Tribolon in soccer

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Morata should have been kept as a backup first-choice striker


[Discussion] Samsung is slowly losing me as a customer by DiChatz0707 in Android

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yes, almost everything can be fixed if I buy this, or change that, or install that, but that's just missing the point, which, as I wrote, is that

Samsung had all these features down pat, but are moving away from them

and leads to not retaining me (and I suspect others too) as a customer.

hmmm by < a href="" class="author may-blank id-t2_lyrya" >DiChatz0707 in hmmm

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lemme guess... eastern European?

hmmm by DiChatz0707 in hmmm

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and a "classic" one at that, according to the flair! Kinda bummed since I scrolled through the top 200+ and didn't see anything...

[Discussion] Samsung is slowly losing me as a customer by DiChatz0707 in Android

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the TVs and air conditioner. None of which are wifi-enabled :/

Phonograph Music Player introduces Pro version, additional features in latest beta by starscar12 in androidapps

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Tried it; lacks too many features for my tastes though!

Messenger version 89 (pre-MyDay) is perfectly fine for me!

Thanks for your suggestion though!

[Discussion] Samsung is slowly losing me as a customer by DiChatz0707 in Android

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exactly, good lock would be a huge plus (for me) over other phones if it was maintained!

keeping an eye on disconnect pro, hoping for a sale soon!

I think 128gb is SE Asia only? Greek here...

Yeah, theme support is still good, as I mentioned