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frosticecold 1 point

i think the GE has a 120 or 144hz panel

DiChatz0707 1 point

they're both 120Hz according to the comparison site

frosticecold 1 point

can you link the tool?

DiChatz0707 1 point

No direct link, but I compared these two:

GP73 Leopard

GE73 Raider

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/Android
maluman 18 points

Man so a while back Samsung had this "change everything" app called "good lock" and it would completely change the UI of a Samsung phone and it was amazing and seriously dope. But there was one controversial-and-optional part of the app; the recents app. To me it looked amazing and made MUCH functional more sense than the (imo idiotic) rolodex look

DiChatz0707 4 points

bit unrelated, but that "Keep" tab on the notification drawer was the shit. I don't want to "snooze" notifications for a predefined amount of time, I want to shove them to the right and open them if I feel like it!

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/androidapps
Dbarrett480 1 point

Gboard only has long press for special characters. I'm looking for one with swipe for special characters. I like Gboard but for me long press is slower than swiping on the letter

DiChatz0707 1 point

I think you can swipe from "123" key to the symbol you want...if not, use Chrooma which is based on Gboard and adds this, and some other features

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/androidapps
Jane44lee 3 points

I've been looking for ages for something that works and finally found these 2 Android screen recording apps with internal audio support.

DiChatz0707 1 point

you don't even need Mobizen app, just use the preinstalled "Game Launcher" to record (with internal sound), screenshot, etc. Samsung "bloat" ftw

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/Android
DiChatz0707 10 points

Working on S6 too!!! (kinda laggy and has some memory leaks and other bugs but I'm not complaining)

[deleted] 1 point


DiChatz0707 1 point

Yes it does. Have you set everything up as described in the post's recommended settings?

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/androidapps
DiChatz0707 22 points

Phonograph when they moved folder playing to the Pro tier.

CraziestSin 1 point

Still trying to find a good replacement :(

DiChatz0707 1 point

I mostly use Shuttle+ now, and sometimes Rocket Player, when I want lockscreen controls and playing music over other apps' sounds

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DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/apple
Underwood2016 61 points

I remember when iphone first came out people on slashdot were calling it a failure because folks at the time wanted better keyboards not a touch device. I don't like the X yet but I get where it's going: continued obfuscation of the line between device and reality. It gets you closer and closer to being able to execute tasks as fast as you can think. In a few years, the concept of carrying large rectangles in our pocket itself is going to seem dated.

DiChatz0707 2 points

my problem with your vision is that these large rectangles are actually fun! eg No matter how far away in the future we'll be, a 6-hour ride to another city/planet is still going to take 6 hours, and you'll still want a screen and a control mechanism to play games, or watch movies etc. That's the reason why I think phones will definitely be around in this form factor for years to come.

swimmertoo0812 26 points

seen holding phone facing outwards to the TV

"What the hell are you doing"

"Oh just turning off the tv."

DiChatz0707 6 points

Heh, yeah, I thought of that, but decided to focus on whether it is actually possible, nevermind the ridiculousness factor :P

_this_man -18 points

You do know tvs have their own remotes you can use, right?

DiChatz0707 6 points

yeah, but just in case it isn't accessible or just to fuck around!

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/androidapps
DiChatz0707 4 points

if you have a Samsung, open Game Launcher, and add the app you want to record as a "game app" will show a little orange button when using the app, which lets you do things such as screenshot, and yes, record the internal sound.

DiChatz0707 commented on a post in r/Android
sillysammy445 17 points

imagine how great it will be in 2 years when the battery degrades below 80 percent

DiChatz0707 3 points

your flair indicates that you, like me, don't even have to imagine!

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