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Hey Reddit! We did some research we thought you might find interesting. Here’s where some major US metropolitan areas draw the line between financial comfort and wealth. What do you think?

Financially Comfortable Wealthy
Boston $1.47 million $2.59 million
Washington, DC $1.34 million $2.75 million
New York City $1.92 million $3.5 million
South Florida (Including Miami) $1.51 million $3.09 million
Chicago $1.47 million $2.56 million
Dallas $1.33 million $2.4 million
Denver $1.12 million $2.41 million
Seattle $1.5 million $3.24 million
SF Bay Area $2.14 million $4.12 million
Los Angeles $1.54 million $2.78 million

Sure, we can all agree that yachts and lambos are signs of wealth, but wealth means something different to everyone, so it’s worth thinking through what wealth really means to you personally. Is wealth simply having no debt? Having time to spend on your hobbies or your family? Being able to retire early? Buying your dream home?

Figuring out what wealth means to you is an important step in the journey to financial health. We created this quiz to help people think through the overall health of their saving strategies, so feel free to take it, share your results, and/or ask questions here!

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  2. Please do not discuss specific stocks, securities or investment strategies.
  3. Please do not post anything that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.
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They promised us no DLC but while the maps are free, missions, rewards and progression will come at a cost. They ask for feedback but get upset that we're not singing their praises. If this were free to play, none of us would care. It's just a shame. A damn, stupid shame.

This whole thing is a tone deaf slap in the face to all of us who have supported the game since launch.

Edit: Now that the post has hit 50k, I wanted to take a second and tell you all that I appreciate your comments. It’s good to know we, for the most part, feel the same way. I definitely feel like we’ve been heard with this one. We ultimately want this game to succeed. We want it to be the best it can be otherwise we wouldn’t care. Thank you to CMs who are listening and responding appropriately.


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