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Disney is on track to own:

  • Marvel
  • Marvel X-Men
  • Star Wars
  • 60% of Hulu
  • Fox and all their TV Shows- Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, The Simpsons and X Files
  • Avatar franchise
  • ESPN
  • ABC

In addition, why on Earth are people ok with 4 of the "Big 6" movie studios teaming up ? If Disney buys out Fox, they will own 35% of the movie market. If AT&T and Comcast merge, they will own 34% of the movie market. That means 70% of the movie market would be under 2 conglomerates.

We've seen over, over, and over again that large companies merging like so stifles innovation and creativity. I'm very confused as to why people think this is a good idea? What benefits are there?


This is one of the most under appreciated shows on television, and all four seasons are now on Hulu. I give this show a serious recommendation to those who have yet to see it.

Edit: Here is the first half of the first episode as a preview for the rest of the show.

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