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We now have a Wiki entry that goes into the history of Rule 7, it's current definition, and an explanation on how to search this sub effectively. And in case people don't feel like reading the whole thing...


  1. There are no exceptions to Rule 7. Whether you're on mobile, or search is down, or you don't feel like searching, or mods are [expletive deleted], you still need to search.

  2. The implementation of Rule 7 was decided by the users of ELI5, not the moderators!

  3. You can use Google to search ELI5 by adding to your search query.

  4. There are easy methods to contact the moderators, including messaging us, or posting to /r/IdeasForELI5.

  5. If you are contesting a post removal due to Rule 7, you must include a link to your search results.

  6. Moderators are human beings. Please treat us as such, and we will do the same in return.




Edit notes: added the bit about including search results when contesting.


Hey Reddit! We did some research we thought you might find interesting. Here’s where some major US metropolitan areas draw the line between financial comfort and wealth. What do you think?

Financially Comfortable Wealthy
Boston $1.47 million $2.59 million
Washington, DC $1.34 million $2.75 million
New York City $1.92 million $3.5 million
South Florida (Including Miami) $1.51 million $3.09 million
Chicago $1.47 million $2.56 million
Dallas $1.33 million $2.4 million
Denver $1.12 million $2.41 million
Seattle $1.5 million $3.24 million
SF Bay Area $2.14 million $4.12 million
Los Angeles $1.54 million $2.78 million

Sure, we can all agree that yachts and lambos are signs of wealth, but wealth means something different to everyone, so it’s worth thinking through what wealth really means to you personally. Is wealth simply having no debt? Having time to spend on your hobbies or your family? Being able to retire early? Buying your dream home?

Figuring out what wealth means to you is an important step in the journey to financial health. We created this quiz to help people think through the overall health of their saving strategies, so feel free to take it, share your results, and/or ask questions here!

This content is sponsored by Charles Schwab.


  1. Please be courteous and respectful of others.
  2. Please do not discuss specific stocks, securities or investment strategies.
  3. Please do not post anything that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.
  4. If you have questions about your investments or financial plans, please contact us directly:

Like when the flies are sitting on a surface and they rub their hands together like they are so sort of supervillian ready to click the button that blows up the whole town.


I love naps, and I realize how benefitial they are. But it blows my mind that merely 20 minutes of sleep can be so benefitial. What is the biological/physiological reason behind that? How does that work?


It’s 113°F today and I just walked outside from a 73°F room. I involuntarily shivered after a minute sitting in the heat, and then it was like I was used to it. But when I walked back inside to the AC, I didn’t get the chills going from heat to cold, which I think is what I would’ve expected.


I'm mainly basing this on american movies as I've never been there but why do the UK and America not use the same main painkiller? Surely one is more effective or generally safer with fewer side effects?

Is this due to drug companies sales?


The list of stage names or changed names for celebrities is shockingly about 8/10 if you look into it. More than I imagined changed either first, last, or both names. Everyone from Christopher Walken to Gene Wilder to Winona Ryder to Spike Jonze to Johnny Knoxville. . .

I am wondering if it’s common to legally change the name (ID, passport, bank statements) or if it’s just for credits. If it’s just for credits, then everyone from the accounting team to the gas company is privy to the real and less-cool name.

Most importantly, if you legally change your name and go into show-business, can someone go out of their way to figure out through public records that “Henry Hollywood” is actually Billy Underpants from Minnesota?


What happens to the other twin? Do doctors separate the dead one from the other? Does the other die?


The solstice is the longest day of the year. It used to be referred to as Midsummer. It's the middle of summer, what gives?


I've sold show steers to commercial butchers and stockyards. Is there some equivalent for produce and grain growers that isnt a farmers market?


I've seen birth controls, anxiety meds, heart meds, cholesterol meds, blood pressure pills, and other types of medications that say you shouldn't consume grapefruit while taking them - why? What is it about grapefruit that counteracts some medications and why isn't it the same for other citruses such as oranges?


I always see the trucks driving with hundreds of little bits that look like carpet but how come it dosent fall appart?


not how to download from them but how to use them

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