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The best way to parallel park

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2.9k points · 9 months ago

Where can get the laser beams installed?

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The same place that sells you the camera drone for the bird's eye view.

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They have these in new cars. I saw it on a Nissan maxima. It was pretty awesome.

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I have it in my Maxima and find it distracting when parallel parking. Probably due to 20 years of parking without cameras.

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Holy shit that’s a great idea! When not in use it can be disguised as a hood ornament or something! You know what you need to do!

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This is actually a thing in newer cars such as Volkswagen XC 90

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The mythical Volkswagen XC 90

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Not to be confused with the Volvo Touareg ;-)

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Yep I've seen it on a F150. It's just black magic

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While you’re looking for a laser beam installer I’ll look around for a spot with this much space because that’s gonna be a little harder to find.

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Or people that actually leave that fucking much room lmao if only.

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12 points · 9 months ago

If you turn your side mirror down a little there’s a point when backing up the curb makes a triangle with the body of your car in the mirror while backing up the triangle gets smaller and just before it disappears is when you cut the wheel. It takes some learning but once you see it you’ll never mess up again. I’m not home now but try googleing parallel parking mirror trick, I think it’s a fairly common thing to learn in city driving tests.

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3.1k points · 9 months ago

TIL I need a protractor every time I parallel park.

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869 points · 9 months ago

Don’t be silly, just use your drone with geometric overlay display like everyone else

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My wife car has a 360 view. It makes parking so god damn easy.

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255 points · 9 months ago

You married a car?

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41 points · 9 months ago

.... what the fuck.

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