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How crayons are made

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/r/gifsthatendtoosoon what about the wrapping and the boxing up? :-(

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48 points · 9 months ago
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And a similar video from Sesame Street:

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That was so satisfying.. that voice, that music. r/oddlysatisfying

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nothin odd about it, Mr Rogers is the shit, RIP.

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Spoken like a true Yinzer.

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279 points · 9 months ago

After watching this, I still don't know how crayons are made.

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You cover the panel with holes with orange goo and then it comes out all pencil like and throw it in the conveyor belt. Voila, crayons.

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Wax is melted and dyed, then poured into a channel that has crayon-shaped holes at the bottom. Wax fills the holes and cools while traveling. After they cool, they’re pushed upward into plates that also have holes (the excess wax is likely melted down again and reused). These plates spin and dump the crayons onto a belt that leads to a labeling machine. After labeling they are transported to a packaging system.

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I still have no fucking idea how crayons are made.

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Wax goes in, color goes in, crayons come out. It's magic.

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Wax goes in, crayons come out. You can’t explain that.

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You could color it in though

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Sesame Street has a better one tbh. This pales in comparison. Source: grew up watching Sesame Street in the days when it was good.

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Mr Rogers also had one

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Pour colored wax onto big rotating mold. Scrape excess off the top with a knife. Transfer cooled crayons into a separate carrier which transports the crayons to a conveyer belt.

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It’s all sorcery man. Sorcery i tell ya.

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Like this

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Here's Mr. Rogers explaining how crayons are made! It's super relaxing to watch.


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Thanks that was awesome. I was sad when it ended.

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