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Just a warning for those planning to try this: it relies on your dog loving peanutbutter more than they hate baths. Mine slammed her face into the peanutbutter the moment water touched her. Washing it off took more effort than just keeping her corralled during the shower.

Edit: They may look stupid as hell, but those wands with the extendable hoop and dog shampoo worked wonders for my larger dogs.

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Mine slammed her face into the peanutbutter the moment water touched her

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that mess but holy shit that's hilarious for some reason. Hope she's alright!

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She's good and its hilarious almost every time it happens. She's also known to try jumping, from the floor, over the back of the couch and missing. She may not be bright, but her face is amazing at moving sectionals

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We need puppy tax!!

Also I can relate. My little man is very far from intelligent. He’s dopey and ridiculous and I love him. This peanut butter trick doesn’t work for him either. Hates baths too much

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Every time it happens? I would give up on the peanut butter after a couple of attempts

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Every time she bangs her head into anything at all! She seems to get a little more brain damage each time. I'm considering getting her a helmet

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oh my god one of my dogs is just like this! he hits his head several times a day, and it doesn't even seem to bother him. it's like he doesn't know where his head is. granted he is a big-ish dog.

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My dog didn't even try to go for it. Saw the peanut butter, realized what was happening and took off.

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I had a similar experience. I put a glob of peanut butter on a spatula and coaxed her into the bathroom with it. She happily followed me, licking away. I smeared it on the wall of the shower, things clicked in her brain box and she was gone. I ended up carrying her 60 pound, limp body into the bath and she ignored the peanut butter all together. If looks could kill... I'd be murdered slowly and painfully.

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Yea my pup lunged away from the water and smeared his entire side onto the peanut butter. I haven't tried it since

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Hijacking this comment to say that frequent baths when they’re puppies/ during their socialization period are key. You don’t have to soap them all up every time either. Just pretend to do the whole she-bang then reward them after, make the drytime a playtime or give lots of nom noms.

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Every pet I've gotten has been an adult from a shelter, so sadly this isn't an option for me. Actually did try the PB technique, but the poor dog just bowed her head down and cowered the entire time. Treats after the bath have not worked, neither has lots of affection. I think the dog has a phobia and it's tough to work through that with a person nevermind a dog.

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My 80lbs dog was also an adult rescue. He’s very calm once in the tub but trying to get him in there is always a hassle. If he even has an inkling that it’s bath time he runs down the stairs and won’t budge for hours. And his defensive mechanism when he’s scared? Peeing. So most of the time bath day is also clean the house day bc there will be a trail of piss from the bottom of the stairs up to the bathroom. Ugh.

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Just because they're adults doesn't males they can't still be trained.

While working in a shelter I'd have to occasionally bath adult cats. Cats. They hated it until they learned to tolerate it, which can be done for most animals.

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Thankfully I got my cat as a kitten. She loves baths and occasionally tries to jump into my shower.

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Maybe we have to start small and get her used to being sprinkled with tiny bits of water at first. I agree she can be trained - we've taught her lots of things. The water situation is the worst one, it's something she's so terrified of that I cannot get her attention in any way when water is near. She even start panicking at the sound of rivers in the distance!

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Funny thing: my dog loves baths, loves swimming, loves anything with water except being sprinkled with it

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Any tips on bathing an adult cat that isn't used to it?

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Yeah, I would put it on Saran wrap and tape it to the wall

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Wand with extendable hoop? Shower wand? Can you elaborate? My dog loves peanut butter but hates baths probably more than enough to ignore peanut butter.

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It's a goofy looking piece of plastic with two crossed pieces. Those pieces fold open or closed to fit whatever size dog. They also have holes along the inside of the "hoops" and a toggle for letting shampoo through. It's one of those "as seen on TV" products but we got ours from Walmart. My big girl needs a bath soon so I could make a vid if you're interested

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I think he's talking about this thing.

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Lol, the first time we tried this my dog slipped in excitement of the peanut butter and sprained her shoulder. We've decided to skip the PB in the future :)

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I hope she’s ok!

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She is, thanks. She has hit her head on roughly every surface she's encountered since we got her so she's an old pro at this kind of thing.

She's much sweeter than she is bright.

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Haha awww that reminds me of my brother’s dog. Sweetest baby in the world, but omg dumb as rocks... We once had our neighbor come in the house and pretend to “rob” us, and all she did was jump on him and give him sloppy kisses. She ended up wanting to leave with him -.- She’s definitely not a guard dog, just our baby dog lol.

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buy powdered peanut butter. mix with water than smear on the wall. clean up is easy because it comes right off with more water.

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Yup. My dog needs praise to get him into the bath.

The best way to do t it get them to not fear the bathroom. My brother used to shout at my dog when he was in the bathroom. So it’s been hell to get him back in willingly.

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Yeah I just had a peanut butter smelling shower for a while and had to wrestle a supercharged boxer that hates being wet for an equally unsuccessful bath.

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Yeah the first time this gif was posted someone posted a picture of them trying it with their dog and their dog not giving a damn about the peanut butter

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We had an Irish Setter that would reach its paws out and cling to the door frame as you attempted to carry him into the bathroom. No way in hell you could ever convince him to go in on his own and it was a freaking battle to do it otherwise.

One summer afternoon we discovered he hated the tub but you couldn’t keep him out of a kids pool. So, we would just take him outside and put him in the kids pool and bathed him there. He loved. Weird ass dog.

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Maybe associated the situation with you going in smelling normal and coming out smelling strange and didn't want the same thing to happen to him.

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Ditto. My dog licked it for about 30 seconds and then tried to escape, completely ignoring the peanut butter leaving me to lick it up after.

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So THAT'S why I'm always so clean after my wife serves me my wall dinner

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Read this in Mister Peanutbutter's voice...

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Sounds like something he would say for sure.

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Has this ever happened to you?

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What is this, a crossover episode?

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What is this, a cross-species episode?

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Is the dog part St Bernard? I’ve got a Rottweiler St Bernard cross and she does the exact same thing except she licks the window in an attempt to win my love and let her be free from the shower

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St. Weiler... that sounds so mfing badass even Rott Bernard is cool

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Thanks for these pics. Cute pup.

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That dog is beautiful

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Oh my goodness she’s so happy and photogenic. Her coat is beautiful. What a gorgeous dog.

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Probably just a short haired Saint Bernard.

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When you rub the dog with peanut butter, it will clean itself

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When you rub yourself with peanut butter the dog will... never mind

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It's not cheating... because it's YOUR DOG!

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Yeah, we get it.

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I mean, you're still getting some bitch to lick you.

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Does this work on kids too?

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I think so, but then there's the significant moral barrier of feeding your child to a dog.

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Ah, the ol' Reddit child-a-roo!

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I keep tapping on your comment but it's not working.

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It's because they can't even switcharoo right

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It's a win-win situation!

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Are my kids weird? They love baths.

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My children prefer jelly

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Gonna try this later. I don't have a dog, but I do like peanut butter.

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PSA: Before doing this make sure the penut butter you're using is safe for dogs. Xylitol, a sweetener used in many foods, including peanut butter, is safe for humans but potentially deadly for dogs. If ingested, it can cause seizures, liver failure and possibly death.

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Agree, but currently there are only three or four PB brands that have xylitol, (Go Nuts, Krush Nutrition, Nuts'N More and P28 Foods), so the people buying Skippy, Kraft, Jif are unlikely to encounter this - though it never hurts to read ingredient lists.

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To piggyback on your excellent PSA: I would go so far as to suggest only using natural peanut butter. Most peanut butter has a lot of added sugar that dogs, nor people, should be eating.

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I compared jif to my buddies natural brand and it only had one more gram of sugar for a total of 3 grams

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dude u a genius, it would help a lot only if i had a doggo tho

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You can still do this, granted it would be messy, but it’s possible.

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This only works once. Once my pit figured out he was being bribed to get in the shower, he stopped following the peanut butter.

My husky didn’t give two shits that I’d smeared peanut butter on the wall.

My little pit wasn’t interested either but she’s a good girl. She never begs and she’ll get up and remove herself from temptation if human food is left in her reach. Don’t know where she learned this but it wasn’t me.

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One of my huskies would looooove this and be totally distracted by the peanut butter. The other one would just look at me like, "bitch, please."

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Ahh my pits are the same! We can leave a plate of food on the floor and leave the room for hours and they won’t touch it. Never really had to teach it to them besides just telling them no one time when we put the food down. Sure is nice to know they won’t kill themselves by trying to eat everything in sight

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Okay but how do I get a dog?!

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Go to the shelter! Maybe volunteer to walk some dogs to give them exercise. Once you find a critter that you click with that also has an energy level that fits your lifestyle and you know you can afford the ongoing expense, talk to the shelter about adopting. Boom. Instant best friend.

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Go find a neighbor that doesn’t lock their fence!

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WARNING: PLEASE make sure your peanut butter does not have the ingredient XYLITOL. It’s uncommon for it to be used instead of sugar, but it can happen. Its potentially deadly for dogs as it can cause seizures, liver failure and death. Please check the labels before feeding them their potential last yum yum.

EDIT 1: symptoms of XYLITOL CONSUMPTION in dogs are as followed, vomiting, muscle weakness, difficulty walking and tremors - and they usually begin within 15-30 minutes of consumption.

EDIT 2: Peanut butter BRANDS that contain XYLITOL include Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts 'N More and P28 Foods.

Please upvote so more people could see the potential danger they could put there good boys in. I just wanna keep all the doggos as safe as possible.

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Some more info...

Also, just because there are no symptoms immedietely does not mean your dog is not in danger. Hypoglycemia effects (above listed) can take 12 hours to begin due to the slow absorption of xylitol.

In addition, dogs can have hepatic necrosis (liver death) from xylitol with or without low blood sugar first. This begins 12-24 hours after ingestion.

Any dog that has eaten xylitol (or other poison) should be immediately taken to the vet. The BEST scenario is that the dog is given an emetic to induce vomiting, which will hopefully cause them to vomit all the poisonous substance out (works for most ingested poisons like xylitol, grapes, chocolate, rat poisons, snail poisons, etc). Depending on the poison ingested, different body systems are monitored for a different amount of days. For xylitol, usually liver enzymes are monitored with bloodwork and sugar levels for a min of 2-3 days. Often they are put on an IV drip which will include dextrose, especially if vomiting was not able to be induced within 15-30min.

Remember once symptoms start....you are now just left to supportive care and thoughts&prayers as a treatment option - vomiting&preventing absorption immediately is the only way to avoid that hellish (and expensive) route.

Tl,dr; symptoms may start as early as 30 min....but also MAY NOT BE BEGIN UNTIL 12-24 hours after ingestion due to slow absorption. Symptoms = damage is already done, now goal is to try to prevent death. The best course of action is to run ur dog to a vet within 30 min to induce vomiting +/- monitoring bloodwork & IV for 2-3 days (Even w symptoms as they may be absorbing more).

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Your low water pressure is mildly infuriating to me.

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U obviously don't own a dog. Try showering a dog with high-pressure water. I wish you the best of luck

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I do, it’s great. It gets really deep in his fur without having to scrub him.

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What a good trick! And a good boy!

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Well, now I want to take a shower

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Finally >:(

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Always wondered why there was peanut butter on the public restroom walls.

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How do I stick a beef wellington to the wall?

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We know how he came up with that idea

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Hard work dedication and team work?

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Thid is probably the 20th time I've seen this on reddit

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What a smart idea! I feel like I would need way more peanut butter though

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Is there a cat version of this? Every time I've had to bathe my cats I have to dress up like the Michelin man to avoid deadly scratches.

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I have a golden retriever and he loves the water so I don’t have to fight with him 😊

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This did not work with my dog. The only thing I got out of it were ants.

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That’s not peanut butter!

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Are you sure that's peanut butter? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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You are a f****** genius

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Do that to a kid and they call child support

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Better yet condition your dig early on to tolerate baths or get them professionally done if you can't.

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I hate seeing these stop-gap excuses for not properly training and socializing dogs.

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this is genius

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My dogs just go dead eyed and stare ahead like they’re being assaulted. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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You have terrible water pressure

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I really hope this isn’t an April Fools and that peanut butter isn’t really shit

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Depends if OP ate Pad Thai first.

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Dude. Ew.

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You ever put peanut butter on your balls and then suck your dog’s dick?

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All you poor souls cant get your dogs in the bath, and my doggo is over here loving shower/bath time. So much that he tries getting in the shower when i take one :)

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Excellent! I wonder if it'll work for my friend's dog.

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Started doing this a month ago and it works everytime.

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Holy shit Batman I’m deff going to use this knowledge for the good of man kind now.

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I tried this with my hound who loves peanut butter but she completely ignored it. She always freezes in the tub so I tried to put some on her nose, but nose goes.

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It's a good way to get a dog to take a shower, and when I have a dog, I want to try it.

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post twist: that's not peanut butter.

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I smear a little peanut butter on the floor so I can give my dog his diabetes shots twice a day.

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A good example of Classical Conditioning.

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I do this with my malamutes. Now they just walk into the bathroom every day to check for peanut butter.

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I did this. It lasted for the first 4 seconds of a 20-minute bath.

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I remember seeing this a while ago, and the next day some girl tried it and failed.....everyone roasted her because her bathroom was fucking gross.

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Yeah I've tried this with a lot of dogs and if they already hate baths it didn't really do anything. The only dogs that were into the peanut butter we're the ones that already are okay during baths.

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You live like an animal.

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Tha....thats Doo Doo Baby!

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I tried this once. my dog had all the PB licked off right about the time I had her wet down. she then proceeded to go crazy and run zoomies around the bathroom until I let her out.

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My dog would eat the tub ... The vet has this sticky treat stuff and he uses his teeth to eat it

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You have saved many lives

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Does not work: Source = pugs

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I need to find a method like this for my cat.

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My dog just reluctantly accepts the bath with a sad look on her face. I feel bad that she’s sad, but I’m so thankful she’s so easy to bathe.

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Instructions unclear, peanut butter somehow all over groin area.

Edit - Update: discovered satisfactory way to clean off peanut butter, thanks op!

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Peanut butter on my walls let the dog lick it.

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I’m glad that’s pb

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Hey my walls look the same in the bathroom except I don't have any peanut butter. 😲😱

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Thats one is a good strategy..not bad😉

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I tried this after seeing a post of it. Clean puppy decided to start pawing at it. Spent the next fifteen minutes cleaning pb from between the toes. Back to the drawing board for me!

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I should try this on my cat sometime.

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I take two 5 gallon buckets with soapy water and stand my dogs front legs in one and hind legs in the other. I wash her body and then remove the buckets and wash her legs. It keeps her from moving around, but she likes water.

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I thought about doing this with my three dogs but then I thought about traces of mold and mildew on the walls, then that got me thinking about cleaning products and then chemicals in my dogs mouth and harming my dog, and yeah, they're just gonna have to deal.

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What is wrong with me, all I could think of was that this person put the dog in there to cleanup after he and his boyfriend had a shower together.

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Can't wait to see this again next month

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I know it's a common stereotype, but my dogs love bathtime. Such good doggos :D

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That's not peanut butter

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Great idea

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Worked on my dog but he still freaks out once the water hits him then he goes back to licking the peanut butter off the wall.

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This is the top post on life hacks. OP you karma whore

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I smeared peanut butter on a plate to teach my kid why his current wiping skills just weren't adequate.

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We fill two homedepot buckets with soapy water, then put the front and hind legs in each bucket. That way it soaks all the dirt in the leg fur real good and it’s easy to wash out.

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Bonus is that the dog cleans the peanut butter off your shower.

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Oh, I guess it's time for this gif to be reposted all across reddit again....

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Jokes on you, that's someone shart

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People need to be careful giving peanut butter to their dogs. If it has the sweetener xylitol in it it could, potentially, be deadly.

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Wow, this is the smartest thing for any dog parent who's baby doesn't like a tub bath! brilliant idea...

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I have always said dogs have a single track mind , this proves my point . 😉

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Had a friend try this. Didn’t work AND the entire bathroom smelled like peanut butter for days afterwards

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This belongs on r/lifeprotips

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Thank God for the title, looks like poop otherwise

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I don't know why but this just creeps me right out.

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But how do you get them in the tub?

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Congratulations. You have ruined your walls.

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Congrats, now you've got a wet dog running through the house and 4 more messes to clean up!

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Awesome tip! Tried it tonight with my Golden and it worked ! Thanks op!

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"smearing peanut butter" brought back some memories...