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*beep boop*
3 days ago
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*beep boop*
12 hours ago
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Credits to the team at /r/PickAnAndroidForMe for compiling this information:

Note 1. Join us at /r/MoronicMondayAndroid, a sub serving as a repository for our retired weekly threads. Just pick any thread and Ctrl-F your way to wisdom!

Note 2. Join our Discord, IRC, and Telegram chat-rooms! Please see our wiki for instructions.


So recently I had an opportunity to switch carriers and dramatically lower my bill. The catch was u would have to give up my beloved 128gb pixel 2 for a iPhone 8. While I wasn’t excited about this change it put an extra 100 bucks a month in my pocket. So I wanted to share the good the bad and the ugly of switching to iPhone from the perspective of someone who has never owned anything but android phones.

The good

I never understood why people always said iOS apps where better than android ones until now. Every app I have downloaded feels like it is a native app. I never really had poor app performance in android but iOS apps do have level of polish that android ones don’t. Basically across the board the performance of third party apps are consistently good.

The polish of the default apps that come with the phone also seems to be a step above for most apps. iMessage is great and I gotta say not being the green bubble in my family anymore is quite nice. FaceTime runs in the same vein as iMessage and just makes communicating with family more fun. By far my favorite app is the News app. As someone who throughly enjoys reading the news this app does an awesome job of making it simple. I never really found an app that could do it for me on android.

Their are also somethings I found that I liked that surprised me. One big one is I really like the way that iOS does widgets. I’m sure the area that contains the widgets has a buzz worthy name but I don’t know it. Everything is organized in a neat little feed on the left of the home screen. It’s organized and offers much of the functionality that I like from the apps that I used with widgets. Another surprise for me is how much I liked the control center. The swipe up to access it is super handy and makes a lot of sense. Haptics is also a big one! The pixel 2 had amazing haptics but it’s still blown away by the iPhone. The damn home button feels so real when you press it. Also the ring tones that have matching vibration makes it easy for me to know whose calling when I have the phone in vibrate.

Privacy is at the forefront of iOS and as someone who always locked down my android phones I can appreciate how easy it is to do in iOS. It is not only easy but also doesn’t impede function on the phone. If you wanna ghost your phone on android you lost some features but in iOS their is no tracking required for anything. It’s a nice touch.

The Bad

As I said above all the apps have a level of polish that is a cut above android. What sucks is that you can’t default to these third party apps that are so great. Safari is good but I am a Firefox guy and miss having it as my default. iMessage is awesome but I wish I could use signal as my default for my text and android friends. I use google photos for my pictures it has years of photos in it I want it as my default. Also their are apps that need replacing. Mail is utter garbage in my opinion. As an inbox user I find mail to be simple to the point of stupidity. And yeah I can download those apps and use them but I really don’t want 3 mail apps and 2 message apps on my phone. Apple should just give up the ghost on maps as well.

Customization in general is just nonexistent. I realized this of course going into this switch but I didn’t quite get the scale of iOS UI rigidity. Not being able to organize apps on my home screen how I want is mildly infuriating. Mainly cause I don’t understand the logic for designing the desktop to be so rigid. It seems arbitrary and pointless.

Damn do I miss the back button! Closing out of a video or going back from a search takes all kinds of gestures. While I have gotten the hang of it hitting back just worked so much better in android. It was consistent and you knew for the most part what would happen. Android P gesture also seemed like a big step in the right direction for usability. The X has gestures but I don’t have those on the 8 and don’t think I will get them.

The Ugly

WTF is wrong with the damn App Store in iOS. I like its design but it’s the only app I have used so far that hangs up and crashes. I can’t remember the last time I had an app crash on android. And it’s the App Store that app should be perfect. It gives me flashbacks to when I used macs as my home computer and iTunes gradually became garbage. Hopefully iOS 12 fixes this.

Speaking of things that iOS 12 needs to fix notifications blow. Like why the hell are they organized in an endless list. Until iOS 12 comes out I have disabled notifications on almost every app. Also the UI for the notifications shade is weird. It’s basically the lock screen. It’s just a bit jarring going from the home screen to notification shade.

So when people tech journalists specifically talk about Siri being awful they are not lying. It’s so bad I have all but disabled it. You just don’t get the same level of ease of use as you get with Google. It’s like I have force Siri to work with me. I don’t know what they intend to do to fix this but it needs a fix bad.


You know what despite everything I do still like the iPhone. I wouldn’t say I like more than android but it has its high points. It certainly has made question whether I will go back to android in a year when it’s time to upgrade.


I got the pop up for a free 3 month trial last night, so I signed right up. I haven't seen this here yet, but let me know if it's already been posted.

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8 hours ago

Twitter App just added PiP on vidoes and as far as I figured it out it's server-side shange.


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Very Blue Pixel XL
8 hours ago

Seems like a recent update has enabled users to turn off the previously mandatory private info data logging seen in My Activity. Assistant is working fine for me with all options turned off and location history disabled.

Google APK v8.7.11.21.arm64


TLDR/Conclusion: Nokia openly admitted to consciously sending me a different device from the one I ordered, with delayed shipping incurring me further expenses, refusing to provide me with the product I paid for, and have been ignoring my emails for months.

I had pre-ordered the white Nokia 7+, to be released on 19 April, from the Nokia store. I went directly to the manufacturer because I expected shipping and handling to be handled better without middle hands.

It finally arrived on 2 May, almost two weeks after the original release date. Unfortunately I had moved just a couple of days earlier, and so because of the delay had to have it shipped to my new location. I received it on the 10th of May.

After opening it and eagerly setting the phone up, I realized I had received the wrong color. I immediately contacted Nokia and asked them to send me a replacement along with a shipping slip so that I could return the black one.

Since then I have had repeat my order details, correct them on the phone model in question, and waited weeks at a time for an answer. They’ve asked me to repurchase a device when I’ve not even received the one I’ve already ordered and paid for. The first few responses took roughly five days to receive. Since then, I had to wait from the 24 May until 4 June for a reply. Then the silence resumed until today, 21 June, when I was served with an embarrassment of an email.

Dear Mr. X,

Thank you for your reply.

Because of a lack of the desired color on stock, you were sent the black version of the phone. However, the remorse period for this order has already passed. It is the first 14 days after you have received the phone. So unfortunately, this means that you will have to keep the phone.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Nokia Mobile Care team

Nokia, two months later, openly admitting to consciously sending me a different device from the one I ordered, with delayed shipping incurring me further expenses, refusing to provide me with the product I paid for, and then ignoring my emails for months.

Why am I writing this? I don’t know. Perhaps to warn people, perhaps hoping to reach someone at Nokia who finds this as ridiculous as I do. In any case, am I wrong to find this final confession outrageous?


I know notches and headphone jacks are the fun ones to get fired up about. But I get triggered by every new 18:9 phone I see. We are seriously going back to the early days of HDTVs where people watched 4:3 content in all manner of hideously stretched/cropped formats? It was such a relief when all the TV content holdouts finally made the switch to match our screens. (How are new phones handling 16:9 by default? Black bars, stretch, or zoom+crop?)

I don't believe that movies make up a significant portion of viewing share compared to TV shows/youtube/etc.

Will anyone have the courage to return to 16:9? Does anyone want them to?

Edit: Seems I'm in the minority here. Thanks for all the reasoned responses. I will reevaluate my life choices.

Posted by
OnePlus 3T
19 hours ago

Before I want to make clear I'm a long term Android user because I really like Android and dislike iOs. This post is to just to recognize besides the fact Android still the best mobile OS, it also sill has some weaknessess. So, please don't downvote my thread just because you think I'm an Apple fanboy and Android hater.

I know manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and Sony are focusing their sells on first world countries like the US and european countries, I don't know how ordinary are smartphones thefts in these countries, but I'm from a latin american third world country (I think third world country describes accurately the entire latin america) and here smartphone theft are a very ordinary thing. In fact I had my OnePlus 3T stolen a few weeks ago and now I'm very frustrated, because it was so hard to get it (you don't know how bad are our post service and how high are our import tariffs) and now i don't have it anymore, someone else now is using my phone.

The point here is: it's (almost) impossible to unlock an stolen iPhone, while it's very easy to unlock an Android Phone. Really, you even don't have to be a tech savy guy. Just need to watch some step to step YouTube tutorials, plug the phone on a computer by USB and then after some minutes you have an unlocked phone.

I know I could use apps like Cerberus, but even that could be avoided if I don't have root enabled. And that was my case. I didn't want to enable root on my phone just to have more safety and then lose somefeatures like Google Pay. Some of the Cerberus features should be native on these phones. I know anti-theft apps won't prevent to be stolen, but at least will turn the phone into a useless brick. I've heard about some cases about thieves that gave up to steal an iPhone because they couldn't unlock that.

The only Android manufacturer I know that did a good work protecting their phones against theft was Xiaomi. It's really hard to unlock a stolen Xiaomi phone, specially if it still have the bootloader locked. I'm amazed due to the fact Google still didn't nothing about this, it still a great weakness on Android and I would be glad if that was fixed.


Here is the link to the latest update I got yesterday. This app is worth the price if you are in to gestures. I use Navigation Gestures to hide the navigation bar and use this app for gestures on left, right and bottom. New feature Pie control is not as good as Swiftly Switch, but I'm sure it gets better.

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