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I was going to limit this to posts made in the last six months, but I don't think I can manage that sort of volume. Anyway, I've got a suggestion for you: Use the search bar. Hey, you don't even need to do that. Just go to the main page and CTRL+F any keyword you have and chances are there are already posts (plural) about that exact request.

For instance. Let's say I'm looking for, oh... something Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian.

Are you interested in:

  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • History (which doesn't read like a text book)
  • Norse Mythology
  • Psychology (which doesn't read like a text book)
  • Young Adult (or something that's not Young Adult)
  • Where to start with Stephen King?
  • You haven't read a book in a while and want to get started again?

Use the search function. That's what it's there for.

Plus also by clicking this handy link you can search /r/booksuggestions and /r/suggestmeabook simultaneously.


I was a diehard fan before TLJ came out, but after I watched it I just lost interest in everything. It honestly sucks but I can’t deny it. My love for Star Wars honestly faded after TLJ and I feel like it might never come back. Anybody else feel the same?


And now for something lighthearted: a feminist interpretation of the Wheel of Time!

If Jordan Peterson is right that the symbolism of chaos as feminine and order as masculine is deeply rooted in the human psyche or collective consciousness or whatever, then the feminism of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time is even more subversive than I'd previously thought.

SPOILERS to follow.

The protagonist is, of course, the Lord of Chaos. He is the breaker of bonds, meaning social relations would be torn asunder in his wake. He brought conquest and war. The White Tower, the most powerful institution, broke into civil war over how to deal with him. And of course the chaos of his actions corroded the seals on the Dark One's prison.

Rand is thus easily seen as a male representation of chaos. Importantly, it's not just that the protagonist happened to be a man. An obvious feminist interpretation of the Wheel of Time is that toxic masculinity is literally a kind of madness, and it's a madness that threatens to destroy the world.

There are different ideas about what toxic masculinity means, but a common one is that masculinity becomes toxic when vulnerability becomes anathema. When vulnerability must be avoided at all costs, then men cannot share emotions like fear or grief, and these emotions are suppressed and left unexamined. Even love and affection are avoided because love opens one to the threat of loss. Basic human connection is strained and mental (and spiritual) health suffers. Anger, however, is conceived as an emotion coming from strength.

Rand fits this description quite well. He still feels love, but he struggles against this. He feels as if he must suppress all weakness in order to defeat the Dark One, be impervious to the threat of losing loved ones lest they be used against him. As the series (and his madness) progresses he lashes out in anger more and more. Cadsuane's project to make Rand once again cry and laugh is pivotal. We come to understand that Rand's toxic masculinity was the form the saidin madness took. When he finally learns at the peak of Dragonmount how to keep the madness at bay, he does so by once again learning how to laugh, cry, love, and fear. Post-Dragonmount Rand not only can talk about his feelings, but he can trust again, and his presence begins to heal the blighted world around him.

Chaos in the Wheel of Time is not just masculine, it is toxic masculinity.

Rand's foil is neither the Dark One nor any of the Forsaken or other darkfriends, but Egwene al'Vere, who symbolizes order.

If Rand is the breaker of bonds, Egwene is just as much a forger of bonds, and a healer of broken institutions. She forges connections between the Tower and other groups of female channelers, thus shining a light on a history of cover-ups and deceit while creating new relationships, alliances, and opportunities for fruitful exchange.

One of her primary arcs in the story is the campaign to reunite the White Tower and to heal the political rot within. She resists the temptation to accomplish this with open war, though she likely could have succeeded. It's hard to see such a strategy coming from Rand, who, for example, broke the Aiel in twain and hurled them in conquest against the wetlanders.

Instead, she nurtures back to health trust between the Aes Sedai factions and faith in the White Tower itself, the lack of which were the causes of the rot. She does this from within the Tower during her captivity by nonviolent protest in the vein of Gandhi and MLK. Her conspicuous vulnerability was her greatest strength. This contrasts vividly with Rand, whose own time of captivity only accelerated his paranoid madness.

Even her Talents with the One Power symbolize order. She has a knack for Earth (rare for saidar), suggesting solidity. She independently rediscovers how to create cuendillar, an unbreakable material. And in an unfortunate bit of goofy writing, she's even depicted as inventing an anti-balefire. Balefire is a weapon of pure chaos as it burns threads directly from the Pattern itself. It's fitting that Rand goes a little nuts with balefire, and it's equally fitting that it is Egwene who finds a way to directly patch the Pattern back together.

Egwene's representation of order is feminine in a traditional sense, featuring vulnerability, nurture, and a relationship orientation. But it's important to acknowledge that Egwene isn't a sexist caricature of femininity. She is also presented as brave (she has the heart of an Aiel, with whose Wise Ones she trained), adventurous, sharp (she's not only inventive with the Power, but a ferociously savvy politician), and possessing a strength of will rivaling any other character in the series (in one contest of wills she straight up breaks the mind of one of the Forsaken).

Summing up, the Wheel of Time inverts Jordan Peterson's symbolism of feminine chaos and masculine order. Rand consistently represents not just chaos but a particularly toxic-masculine form of chaos. And the most pivotal moment of the series is when Rand reengages his "feminine" aspects and becomes a whole being. Meanwhile Rand's foil doesn't just happen to be a woman, but a woman who represents a particularly "feminine" order of nurture, vulnerability, and human connection.


It's a 10$ pass for 7 different sets that you unlock doing missions. It's a cool fucking idea. Stop giving the devs shit when the game needs to constantly rack in money if they wanna keep updating it. You can't expect to pay 30$ for a game and then have the devs keep working on it for several years.

The battle pass system is a billion times better than shitty crate openings. Y'all weren't pissed off then so why the hell you care now? It's 10 dollars for skins. If you don't like it don't get the skins. The game needs to keep make money somehow. You're asking for everything to be free. It's a 30$ game and you expect 100$ content.

Stop crying. Jesus.


People have come to Reddit for news since the site first launched back in 2005. In the decade-plus since then, you've demonstrated the power communities can have with news — analyzing articles, providing exposure to multiple perspectives, and having millions of discussions that bring context and insight to the conversation. You've shown us that news is an important part of how you use Reddit, but it's gotten harder to only get the news and related discussion, especially if you're subscribed to lots of non-news subreddits or browse r/popular and r/all. This is why we launched an alpha News tab on our iOS app a few weeks ago. After hearing feedback from mods and iOS users and making a lot of improvements to the design and function of the tab along the way, today we’re releasing it to the majority of iOS users as a beta.

What’s the News tab and how does it work?

(GIF of the News tab in action)

The News tab offers a home for content that the community surfaces from a group of subreddits that frequently share and engage with the news. When you open the Reddit iOS app, you'll find it to the left of "Home" and "Popular." The News tab content is then divided into a handful of common news topics -- like politics, science, and sports -- with options to customize your News tab by selecting the topics or subtopics that interest you most.

We took care to build the News experience around communities that were already engaging with news the most. We have set guidelines for the communities that filter into the experience, as well as the post type (for example: posts titles must reflect the article title). We’ll continue to expand the communities you see in News in Q3. For more on our guidelines, how we’ve been testing and collecting feedback in the News tab alpha on iOS, see our initial update.

What’s coming next?

So far, we have been testing the News experience in the iOS mobile app. Later this summer, we will be releasing it to desktop. Based on your feedback, we are also working on a few additional features. You told us you wanted more granular news topics (not just Sports but Baseball specifically), so we’ve introduced subtopics for you to personalize your News tab and notifications. You all told us you want to be able to see how different communities are talking about the same story. So, we are developing a community pivot feature that will show you multiple threads from different communities on the same article.

For those of you with the iOS app, try out News and send your feedback our way by commenting below. We’ll continue to make changes as more redditors test it out. In the meantime, we’ll stick around in the comments below to answer your questions.


For various reasons, I didn't watch either TFA or TLJ in the movie theaters and just got around to buying them on bluray.

Watched them sequentially last night. I am, er, extremely disappointed and concerned. For its part, TFA left me entertained if only slightly underwhelmed but with all sorts of questions from a number of teases that seemed bound to be paid off, and led me to immediately watch the next film because I was dying to know.

Then TLJ seemed to drop all the set ups from TFA and make a conscious effort to reframe everything.

Is this the right place to discuss my issues?

I generally only post about crypto on Reddit but I have loved Star Wars (particularly the original trilogy) my whole life. Watched all three of those in the theater, the first at just a 5 year old. Grew up as a kid rewatching copies my dad recorded off HBO on betamax, went through college and grad school wearing out the VHS set from 1990 and the "one last time" set released in 1995... (I still watch DVDR captures of those VHS tapes when I watch TOS these days). I can't tell you how many times I've seen those films.

Was annoyed by the special editions, but own them; was at first a little let down by the prequels, but they grew on me and I enjoyed sharing them with my kiddo a few years back when she was old enough. (She likes them fine).

But I have to say... TFA and TLJ were so shockingly, I don't even know... offensive? Is that the word? To me at least, I can't understand what happened to any of the original major characters; and the new characters don't even match in characterization between THESE two films.

I could go on forever but did it feel like TFA was a little too parallel of a retell a version of ANH?

And what happened between the two movies that's missed in the TLJ crawl? I mean, yeah, the first order wiped out governance of the new republic, but their new super deathstar (er, starkiller base) was then blown up. Now all the sudden all that's left of the new republic is the rag tag crew and a couple bases?

Yet it seems set in time just after TFA? I.e., the cut of Rey handing the lightsaber to Luke which by the way, what the heck was with the tease at a solemn and powerful moment being turned into a bad joke?

And, for example, why did TLJ portray force ghost Yoda as dealing with old man Luke using the mischievous FAKE persona Yoda first presented to Luke in ESB to TEST him? How do force ghosts make lightning? If a force strong person without training can instinctively protect herself from the Vacuum of space (I'll be charitable and even pretend the Armstrong Limit doesn't apply but still), AND fly back to the ship, then why couldn't the Emperor fly himself back out of the reactor shaft in ROTJ before he hit the core and immolated in a cloud? And, wait, Luke - the guy who sought to redeem Vader or die trying ("I will not turn. And you'll be forced to kill me") -- would find himself on the verge of murdering his nephew out of, what, fear of the dark side? Since when is fuel capacity a thing in the SW universe? Running out of spaceship gas and slowing down... er... so momentum doesn't apply either? And what about that side plot that feels like it was bolted on artificially and took two fun characters and misused them? And speaking of those two characters, the woman crashes into Finn to 'save' him, but how would she know or expect he (or she) could survive a space fighter version of a T-Bone car accident (those kill people in cars at like barely 40, 50 MPH), remember)? And when they did survive, why did the First Order guys a few feet away just sit there instead of blasting them? And cross-galaxy force hologram projection? Er? Wut?

Anyway, I'm just astonished and could go on forever. If this post is not fair or breaks rules in your sub or something I'm sorry, just point me to something that makes sense of what I just watched.

EDITED to Add: No, I'm not a troll or a shill, but knowing how clenched up a sub gets about that from what we see on r/bitcoin I'm just going to give up at this point. I wrote down some things that annoyed me about the movies. In a way, I wish I had never watched them. I probably won't watch the next one, but I will go see Han Solo's movie since it takes place before the originals and can't screw up what I think about the originals the way, I guess, these did for me. I'm a Star Wars original trillogy lover, I guess, not a Star Wars universe lover. Sorry if posting this turned out to be something toxic. Going away now.


I went through his Facebook conversations. I was jealous of every girl in his life. I threatened to kill myself if he left me. I threatened to have sex with a bunch of men if he left me. I sent nudes to other men while we were together. I cut myself and showed him the blood. I lied to him. I told his ex crush that she was a whore who should die. I asked him to remove a picture of a random girl on his Instagram. I'd often show him pictures of other girls and ask if he found them pretty, if he said yes I'd be upset. I told someone else I wanted to have a threesome with him and his brother and he found the conversation. I broke up with him only to take him back and hour later. I complained about him to my therapist.

Edit: to clarify, I'm not going to a therapist anymore. That was almost a year ago. Therapy isn't really an option for me.


I got what I paid for when I bought PUBG. I got PUBG. In its buggy, laggy state, and I loved every minute of it.

There were no promises. I wasn't assured that it would get better. I didn't sign a contract requesting 2 full years of support & updates to fulfill my experience. I bought the game in its current state, knowing full well what it was.

You couldn't even look at Yosnaya.

And it's been nothing but uphill from there. Almost no bumps in the road. At no point did I feel like the game was in a worse state than it was 2 months prior. I didn't buy those updates, I didn't pay the devs for their debugging or new content, I bought the game in the state it was in, and I got well, well more than I paid for.

So maybe try showing a little respect to the devs that have been working their asses off the last 400 days to make your $30 game a 100+ hour experience. Maybe be a little fucking grateful. Maybe don't bitch and moan when they offer- oh god- cosmetics. For sale.

Jesus christ, dudes.


Don't get me wrong, it is a good movie, but the second half falls flat and in the ends its pretty much a generic Marvel movie with a black empowerment theme.

I'm trying to understand how people can think this movie is a top 10 movie of the year and better than movies like Hereditary, Annihilation, Isle of Dogs.

What aspects of the movie separate it as a top tier movie? The acting is decent to good. The script is above average, CGI is average, and the pacing of the movie is pretty bad. In the span of like 2 days and 20 minutes of screentime, Tchalla almost dies, Killmonger takes over Wakanda and then subsequently loses it.

Just feel like I am taking crazy pills, can someone explain what I am missing and why this movie is Oscar worthy to critics? Is it the political climate? Is it the Marvel hype train? Are they just pandering to a base? I genuinely am looking for a civil discussion on it. Thanks!


I thought it would be pretty interesting to share this review from Yelp of Satellite Coffee on Montgomery

Given that: 1) It's Pride month, 2) This guy is apparently a regular, and 3) the button in question is from the Holocaust Museum downtown. I had asked the barista in question about it before because I had had NO idea that we have a Holocaust museum downtown, and I got my own happy little button. It guess it's easy enough to mix up persecuted groups if you're a White-Supremesist or Nazi...?

Anyways, I just find it disgusting that someone can publicly say crap like this when I know it could honestly put the barista's job on the line. Because they were wearing a pin to a local Holocaust museum and some asshat automatically thinks that someone is shoving their gay agenda in his face, so he freely waves his limp dick around in theirs for the sole purpose of leaving a nasty taste in everyone's mouths.

Someone knows this guy. Please, talk to him. Tell him it's 2018 and equality is super in (supposedly). Get him whatever stuffed animal he needs. Check on his family. And if you've employed him, maybe invest in some sensitivity training? Or if you're his parent, slap those training wheels back on.

Also, probably get him a button from the museum. It's prejudice like this that perpetuates the existence of such a local museum.

Stay sexy, ABQ.


After removing the device from his neck, he jumps out the window and slides down to the ground. Why didn't he do this before? There's no indication that the "security field" was anywhere other than the door.

Alternatively, after removing the device, why didn't he just walk out the door like he tried to do earlier?


Seemed like all the 3 players (Goldenglue, Keith, Zeyzal) all meshed so well together. It was really cool to see the new (ish) players get another start on an lcs team and be nervous and really care about their performance. It really makes me at least want to root for c9 even more! It sucks that (I assume) our 3 favorite players were benched but I really want to see these guys win some games and become a great team, the passion just seemed so alive in them.


Yes it has many bugs. Yes if you visit this sub everyday where there are hundreds of thousands of players who spend hundreds of hours playing this game you will come across some videos where you can see some funny bugs but the game (and this is not my opinion it is reality) is far from being in the state this sub is trying to put it.

In my opinion this sub childish way of demanding shit from developers is one main factor of why the game could die soon. General opinion is so important and the same people who spend 6 hours a day playing pubg is the same that is talking shit in this forum and in the steam comments.

You need to chill out and understand that pubg corp is growing as a company,, and the gane wether if you like it or not ITS GETTING BETTER.


Deathman123/ killed bobjim/

Yeah yeah yeah... we get it. Everyone streams now. And no I'm not going to view or watch your stream with 1 viewer.

End rant.


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