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Welcome you Dickheads!

Everything one needs to know about LD.


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71 points · 11 months ago · edited 11 months ago

Pretty sure /r/relationship_advice is trending because of this post by an absolute creeper. Post is deleted, original text here.

He then went on to post this, this, this etc. Again, original text can be found in the comments.

Absolutely disgusting human being. I just hope we don't end up hearing about a 32 year old New York man kidnapping his work colleague.

(edit: fixed last link. Also, here's the Bestof thread.)


Yeah, pretty much. I'm pretty much certain he's not a troll, because after /r/relationship_advice tore him a new one, he actually bothered to take his OP and edit it to remove all the creepiest bits before he posted it in /r/relationships. A troll wouldn't remove the creepy bits.

skrinkles said: ↑ Uh you sound like the creep, not the bf.

For trying to help empower my colleague?

This guy respects women.

The "male feminist ally turns out to be a creeper/harasser" is the "family values politician turns out to be gay" for millenials.

-Patton Oswalt


Where'd you get those peepers?

It reads like a fiction-writing assignment from the point-of-view of an unaware creeper.

Also what's the difference between /r/relationships and /r/relationship_advice?

I think /r/relationship_advice used to be a joke/troll sub, and /r/relationships has always been as it is. Then /r/relationship_advice became more of a serious, genuine source of advice over time for whatever reason, and now we have two subs doing the same thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

/r/relationship_advice became more of a serious, genuine source of advice

lol no

It was, for a while.

Now it has turned into a weird circlejerk (on the popular threads, some are cool while new) but for a while it was pretty damn good.

You're encouraged to report comments which don't contribute. Every once in a while I'll see a shitty theme emerge and will pin a notice discouraging or just outright threatening bans for deliberately harmful words.


It's not rule-breaking comments that I have an issue with, it's the fact that the community seems to have moved to a more of a "yep, shit's dead" way of looking at things instead of "let's see if we can make it work somehow" one that I remember from my previous days lurking there. I can't just report things I disagree with.

Don't take my criticism too seriously though, it's not like you can force the community to follow the way I would like it to be and I am not even an active member there either so even the criticism itself should be taken with a grain of salt.

So part of the "shit's dead" mentality stems from confirmation bias arising from the idea that "if you're submitting to /r/relationship_advice, things are already sour". If we have people who recognize and buck the trend with their comments, it can change the tide.

That's what I try to do in my replies, anyway. E.g.

It could be legit, I've known some people who were messed up enough to would say stuff like this unironically

No idea what the difference is.

That was a really fun read, are there any other posts like this? OP not realising he's the abusive one.

Probably, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. There's this (In which OP thinks there is a conspiracy; there isn't. Update post here.)

And there's also this, from a guy who does appear to know that he is creepy and "sick" but continues to obsess over a girl.

Like I said, there probably is similar content that I'm not remembering. Any of the drama communities (/r/drama, /r/jesuschristreddit, /r/subredditdrama etc) will probably have more.

What'd it say? It's been deleted :(

In the first post? The /r/relationship_advice one? Mirrored here :)

2 points · 11 months ago · edited 11 months ago

They are all still in Google cache

link 1 link2

I feel like I need a shower...

Your last two links are the same and all these posts are deleted

Your last two links are the same

True, I'll go find the other one I meant to post

all these posts are deleted

They pretty much all have mirrors of the OP in the comments. For example, the first link has the OP mirrored here.

-26 points · 11 months ago(9 children)

What a ridiculous thing to say. I've known plenty of married men with children who can be just as creepy as that dude.

and not everyone who's single is a narcissistic moron

-6 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

when you have limited evidence

a CV and/or a job interview tells a lot more about you than whether you have kids or not


Talking about getting your first step into the position though. You can't be an experienced manager without being a manager first. Of course experience is the best indicator but before someone has experience you have to look at other factors like if they are incentivated to not fuck up when given a lot of responsibility. Married men with kids have the strongest natural incentives all else equal.

-9 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

Still nope. The logic you're using is tantamount to the old timey notion that employers shouldn't hire men with long/facial hair or women not wearing dresses. It falls apart when you look at the divorce rates and the number of deadbeat parents around the world. If your HR department relies on these sorts of superficial things to judge an employee's worth, you've got a lot of problems.

  1. Still nope. The logic you're using is tantamount to the old timey notion that employers shouldn't hire men with long/facial hair or women not wearing dresses.

2. It falls apart when you look at the divorce rates and the number of deadbeat parents around the world.

What does point 2 have to say against point 1? Of course people with poor discipline will grow crazy hair and get divorced more often, which is why things like dressing appropriately and being clean cut are signs of being more trustworthy from a business perspective.

No offense dude, but how old are you? I feel like I'm talking to my dead grandfather. Let me elaborate...

  1. In the old days, general wisdom was that "responsible" men kept their hair cut short, their faces clean shaven. Women were expected to wear nice girly dresses, and all that. Now, men can usually get away with long-ish hair and beards, so long as they're well-groomed, and women can wear pantsuits or whatever so long as it's professional. I bring it up in this conversation, because what you're saying about marriage + babies being the secret to finding responsible employees is on par with that mindset. In that, it's dated as Hell and has no place in this modern world.

  2. If marriage + babies actually indicated anything about how responsible a person truly is, then the divorce rate in this country wouldn't be so high, and we wouldn't have so many deadbeat parents who abandon their children.

Make sense now?

/r/lildicky is that a support group?

You're thinking of /r/incels.

idk, the guy on there who was driving nails through his penis seemed to have a decent size.

I'm scared, but... link?

7 points · 11 months ago · edited 11 months ago

Don't say I didn't warn you (NSFW Obviously...)

Well, there's a new fetish.

is joke

I'm convinced /r/incels is a subreddit inhabited by Ferengi.

-teeth scraping sound-


As opposed to /r/hiphopheads where it's a bunch of upper middle class white dudes pretending to be black.

17 points · 11 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Yes, I Agree.

10 points · 11 months ago


Probably had something to do with drug possession. Apparently he got caught with LSD at school.

how do you get caught with lsd, it's like the easiest drug to conceal, with no odor.

Who the fuck gets caught with LSD? It's like almost literally untraceable, unless you're Walter White and have like entire vials of it.

What a legend

what a time to be alive

my nathan

init my fine governor

I like that /r/relationship_advice is trending because a recent shitshow attracted a bunch of people who like to watch trainwrecks, not because people are actually interested in giving relationship advice.

What other reason is there to subscribe to those subreddits? It's like watching reality TV; you want to see other people's messed up lives.

Nice to see /r/gallifrey trending instead of /r/doctorwho. It's by far the better sub.

To say the "whovians" are a perfect example of a toxic fanbase is an understatement. For a lot of TV shows, it'd be nice to be able to talk about the show with people that aren't a part of the established fanbase. Supernatural, Rick & Morty, RWBY, Steven Universe...

Where does this kind of thing come from? I like gallifrey more than DoctorWho but that's just because the fan art and cakes kinda bore me. Whenever there's discussion on either sub, people are mostly respectful to each other.

people are mostly respectful

When Missy debuted, /r/doctorwho was filled with shitty misogynists complaining about the Master and Timelords and Men and Why SJWs Gotta Shit Up Our SciFi and the general Vox Day VomitPuppies bullshit.

So I walked away from it.

People I know are good people signed on to the mod team, so I figured it might be worth a second chance.

About a month ago, I made a comment in a post in /r/doctorwho about Capaldi ending his run, that I was excited about the upcoming regeneration being (almost certainly) a woman —

This is a month before it was officially announced, public knowledge — but anyone who cared to see the signs, knew what was happening.

And I was set upon by misogynist trolls downvoting my comment (-17 inside twenty minutes!) and harassing me for simply saying I was excited to see a female regeneration, demanding that I was delusional, and talking shit to me. "That's not possible. Why do you say that?".

So I turned off inbox replies and reported the comments.

A moderator, eight hours later, removes my comment and leaves a mod comment on it that says it was removed for trolling — and a mod comment apparently doesn't respect "disable inbox replies".

My comment was gone, the shitty, misogynist troll comments were still up, and so I wrote their modteam an email expaining my dissatisfaction, that this behaviour was inexcusable to civilised people participating in a discussion, much less moderators of a subreddit.

The poor excuse for nightwatchman who removed my comment and read my compaint wrote me back seven paragraphs telling me that I was to blame for my treatment, daring to express my excitement about a female regeneration.

And this is the culture that subreddit has allowed to flourish, through cultivation.

So, if I were a writer for BBC, or an exec producer for the show, I would be writing a memo for distribution that /r/doctorwho is held by persons hostile to the show and its fans.

Why would you even post to /r/doctorwho when /r/gallifrey exists in the first place?

That sounds awful and, as someone who's not a part of the mod team, I can't really apologize for that. But do you still have access to the comment? I only ask because I remember a similar situation happening to me during around the time of the s10 Finale and the rude comments were removed and I've seen that happen a lot since then. I'm definitely not saying you're experience didn't happen, just that it's more of an anomaly than a normal occurrence over there.

It must be an American thing, but I'm not sure why.

I wasn't really into 11 so I went to a subreddit about the show to try to figure out why he was so popular.

Jesus fucking Christ, never again

6 points · 11 months ago

What show is 11? Couldn't find it.

/r/RWBY is legitimately one of the nicest subreddits I've been to though . It's big, but still kind of small so you can recognize most users on there. I've heard the Tumblr portion is crazy but that goes for everything really.

I've been with r/RWBY since its inception. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

Something always keeps me coming back though. I can't say the same about comment participation.

Blake is sexy

Neo and Cinder are best girls

The community is really nice, but jesus christ, the mod team there is legit one of the worst I've ever seen both on reddit and online in general. That, and the fact there are problem users whose shitty actions are covered up by the mod team because they're popular.

/r/stevenuniverse is pretty nice, too. We sure love our memes though.

Comment deleted11 months ago

I was under the impression that the Steven Universe fanbase was a bit abhorrent and has treated the show's creator like absolute shit, which is ironic given the kid-friendly and endearing nature of the show.

Only during hiatus.

Comment deleted11 months ago

Who said anything about Tumblr?

Oh shit, I replied to the wrong comment


If you want great discussions on Rick and Morty, I highly recommend you check out /r/c137 for actual Rick and Morty discussion.

I was so surprised when I read the announcement threads on both subs about the new Doctor. One of em was really interested and full of people fully supporting it, and the other was just hostile at it.

8 points · 11 months ago

Ugh, Lil Dicky.

Comment deleted11 months ago

So Lil Dicky fans are the new Eminem fans?

Comment deleted11 months ago

Did you read what I said? I said that Little Dicky fans are the new Eminem fans. Nothing about the artists themselves.

My sub is finally trending!

Write a bloody description for it then! I don't know if I'm walking into a sub about facial hair or the wives of gay men.

Well it's not exactly mine, but they are my people lol

9 points · 11 months ago

No crypto sub? Awe

theyre all busy crying right now

About what? Wasting money? Lol

yep lol

Hmm, /r/gallifrey, I haven't watched Doctor Who in awhile, I wonder why it's trending!

checks /r/doctorwho

Ooh, boy...

I dont get it, they all seem supportive of the new doctor choice? do you mean all the fanart and shit?

The comments remaining after most of the moderators wake up and get to their computers are the ones supportive of the choice.

The ones you can see while the moderators are sleeping — or when specific "moderators" are the only ones on duty — those are the problem.

-21 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

Seeing a bit of Lil Dicky hate in this thread. Not a huge fan of him or anything, but why don't you guys like him?

Really corny punchline rap like Gambino (or at least he managed to get mostly past this stage) turns a lot of people off. The difference between the two is the respect for the genre Donald has as well as other pioneering artists hes worked with.

thought /r/lildicky was going to be about something totally different...

Hehehe me roo

So, it's come to this. The females have invaded our video games, our movies, and now our television shows. What next? will they invade our everyday lives? Can you imagine seeing females at work, on the street, or even in your own home? This is the world we are headed for, the females are not going to stop unless we make a final stand right here and now!

Please add a /s at the end if you're being sarcastic.

9 points · 11 months ago · edited 11 months ago

I can't be the only one with recurring nightmares. You know the one: You're snug in the safety of your bed, about to drift peacefully off to sleep. Slowly, the darkness of your room takes on an oppressive physicality, almost like it's alive. you can't breathe. a chill runs down your spine.

you're not alone, there's something in the room with you....

You feel its weight sink into your bed as it slides under your covers. A vice-like grip encircles your chest. You can't move your body.

Terror builds as you turn your head slowly to the side, dreading what you might see....



-7 points · 11 months ago(2 children)

Autism, not even once

The joke ---->

Your head

Another trending subreddits post with a lot of downvotes.

-37 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

(Spoilers I guess)

Abomination? I don't think any casting decision would justify that choice of word... what's so bad about this one? I liked her in Broadchurch.

-37 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

Why not a woman?

-17 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

Conversely, I feel like a change is needed so the show doesn't get stale. 12 years is a long time and it's tough to keep innovating in the same little box.

Because I don't believe a woman can

Literally the beginning and end of it. Everything else is just your badly thought-out (badly written) justifications for why you are upset by femininity existing in a fantasy universe character you neither own nor write canonically for.

Your comment has nothing to do with the actress (can you even say the word "actress"?), the writing, the director, the property, the storylines, the canon.

It's entirely revolving around your admission that you can't handle it.

Do you know how exciting and enriching it is to engage in a discussion about your prejudices and lack of imagination?

Comment deleted11 months ago

Why is continuity so important though? The old seasons will continue to exist if you just want the same thing all over again.

the decision to cast a woman is the abomination

that's a little on the nose, right? literally just "FEMALE REEEEEE"?

-6 points · 11 months ago(0 children)

The whole concept of Timelords changing gender has only sprung up in the show in the last few years.

No it hasn't tho.

Where has it come up before?

Interference from back in 1999, Exile in 2003, The Curse of Fatal Death in 1999 as well. You can argue about their canonicity, but the core idea has been established for years.

Just popping in here to say thanks for this. The timelords changing gender thing that OncomingStorm brought up was the only thing making me uncomfortable with the new casting but thanks for saying otherwise.

Depends on what you mean by 'last few years'.
It's been referenced throughout NuWho as well as audio stories saying its possible being published since the late 90's

I realize what is considered as canon is a personal thing, but to me, and some of my family who've watched it since the 60s it's always been the TV show that counts. The concept of a timelord changing gender as far as I know hasn't been explored in the TV show outside of the Moffat era.

To add a little bit to my rants, me saying I don't support a female doctor at all I can understand how that is seen as sexist, and I guess to quite a degree it is. The core issue, is that I don't think there are many woman that have the acting capabilities to portray such a character as the Doctor. I've seen Whittaker in broadchurch and there's no doubt she's a great actor, the doubt to me is that she can be a great doctor.

The core issue, is that I don't think there are many woman that have the acting capabilities to portray such a character as the Doctor.

You have to be a troll or incredibly ignorant. You honestly believe that there are really so few actresses that could play this character? Just because they have a vagina. Riiiight. You surely must realise this sounds utterly ridiculous. At this point you're just attempting to justify your sexism and doing so poorly. Since when is the doctor some super complex character. It's been pretty campy family time friendly for a long time. It's never been some highbrow scifi, nothing wrong with that just the way it is.

There was a time lady in the show 39 years ago

I know timeladies exist, but there wasn't anything about changing between male and female. I think when Romana regenerated she was deciding which body to use and switching between them. None of the bodies she was deciding between were male

Didn't that exact thing happen to the Master?

6 points · 11 months ago · edited 11 months ago

Imagine being so dense that you think having one woman Doctor is some sort of SJW entitlement, but having 12 white male Doctors and feeling entitled to more somehow isn't.

Believe it or not, the entire world does not revolve around you and people like you. If a show makes a creative decision that involves increasing representation for people besides straight white males and your reaction is to throw a tantrum, that says a whole lot more about you than it does about the show's writers or the fans who are happy about the change. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can stop embarrassing yourself on the internet and move on with your life.

Wow /u/_beekay I had no idea you were a Doctor Who fan. Hows about that.

Let me take a guess, you're a trump supporter

the abomination of a choice for the 13th Doctor.

OK, that's pretty debatable.

steadily declining writing lately.

The showrunner, and likely most of the current writing team are leaving after the Xmas special.

I know that Moffat's leaving after the Christmas special, and my hope is that Chris Chibnall will change it up in a way that will make the choice of actress work. I've also said his existing work on the show doesn't fill me with much hope, but then again, Moffats work on the first 4 series was fantastic, but didn't carry over much beyond the 5th and a bit of the 6th series

Irregardless of your other points, the writing has been steadily improving over the last couple of seasons, not declining.

I think if there was any point I would argue the strongest it'd be that the writing has gone down hill. The humour, the character development, the foreshadowing, has all decayed from about series 6, and the ratings seem to show the same.

The ratings have been going down because of the shift away from live TV to catch up. While they are decreasing, they're decreasing at the same rate as all TV is.

I know that there's a general shift away from broadcast tv, but anecdotally I've found much less of an interest in doctor who from friends and family who used to watch it religiously. There was a time with New Who that you'd over hear people talking about it on the bus or at the pub, but these days it seems the broad appeal has faded. As a fan from before the reboot when I was 5 and watching Pertwee and Baker serials on VHS with my dad, of course I'll give it a chance, but I'm really not optimistic that they can pull it off with a woman doctor as well as they could pull off a woman master.

I don't think that's a symptom of anything except for the fact it's been running for twelve years. It's hard to say anything new about a show that's been running that long.

And your solution to this problem is insisting on more of the same and raging against the writers when they try to make a refreshing change? I guess it's a good thing you're not an executive at BBC.



I like to trigger prescriptivists.

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