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Any other frame of that GIF would have worked apart form the one they picked.

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But who is 'they'? Did OP just pick the first frame for karma?

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If you zoom into OP's picture, you can see that it's a picture of a screen. I don't know if that helps.

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i think i can see OPs reflection in the screen... lets find him and cut his fingers off

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Yeah I see the reflection... Weird, he looks exactly like me.

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hah i knew it. a criminal always return to the scene of a crime.

get him boys.

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a wave of police and police dogs

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Noooo! I'm European, I need my fingers to roll cigarettes!

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Looks like there's a dead pixel on the pinky

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I can't unsee that.

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I mean I don't think that'll really disadvantage you for very long

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Very true

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Maybe he made a photo of the thumbnail which doesn't animate and he thought that it was the full image.

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I had a Reddit app that wouldn't load gifs from certain websites, just display the first frame. It could be something like that.

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It's a Reddit conspiracy.

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It's a karma legend. It's not a story OP would tell you.

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Either that, or someone saved the gif as another image format and OP later saw it, resulting in OP only seeing the first frame.

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Hey, I said somewhere else, I snuck a picture off of a twitter wall. Seems the site doesn't display its correctly or the lady who posted this on twitter didn't post it correctly. I still laughed. :D

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I mean. As it's the first frame of the gif, it's possible somebody who is technically inept saved and used it as a image.

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That liar. I bet he had his fingers crossed.

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Don't know, a lot of them look more like fingers twisted instead of fingers crossed.

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Closer than a finger-banging position.

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We've been framed!

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What are the odds it doesn't come from that gif?

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hey now farmerjoe, you asked for the odds, and that 8 is an even! you can't just take this aggression lying down!

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By Jove you're right! I've been had! This will not stand! I've rung the constable and we'll have /u/usbfridge by the collar! If it's the last thing I do I'll get Even!

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And you wanna know the odds of you getting even?


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Like a knife in the back of the knife in my back!

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Odds is plural! That 8 is a 5 plus a 3.

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Uh, it looks like instead of the fingers crossing like normal, they switch which knuckle they're attached to...

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The trick to printing out gifs is to use holographic paper

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every fuckn time, OP a bundle of sticks, get 'em boys..

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what makes you think that?

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Thumb and ring finger are crossed, duh!

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Hot damn, you're right!

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Woo! I did a good!

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The occult!

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Fucking bamboozled again

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Maybe they mean it ironically and those are quotes.

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From now on, I'm gonna cross fingers like this, to be honest it never worked the other way.

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Thumb is not a finger

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I think that's because it's the first frame of a gif.

And in the gif it crosses its fingers.

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Haha, yeah someone else posted the gif. Duh. Either the device was incapable of playing gifs or the poster lady didn't know how to post a gif.

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Maybe she thought you could print out gifs, like in the Harry Potter newspapers

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I just imitated the gesture and realized I don't think I've ever held my hands this way before. Peace sign, finger gun, sure, but not this.

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You're a virgin, aren't you?

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Wicked burn, bro.

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Well realistically most people would never have made that hand before if so

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We're all taking about fingering right?

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Yes. My man above is saying that he's never fingered a chick before so the assumption is that he's a virgin.

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My man!

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Hey now, they could be a lady, in which case its fine because that's a terrible gesture for self-satisfying and it looks even worse for giving handjobs.

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a woman on the internet? Get real

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Hey now, there are plenty of women on the internet. I've seent them on the pornhubs

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Look at mr. "i finger bang prostitutes" ovah here!

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Hey, c'mon, this ain't the Shocker.

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I've seen people hold their fingers like this AS a peace sign.

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It's also the Cub Scouts hand sign.

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My scout leader tried to show me the ins and outs of this hand gesture. My parents pulled me out of scouts shortly after though.

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It's also U in the Swedish sign language.

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It's U in American Sign Lanugage too.

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Cool! Thanks! Now I know one letter in the ASL too!

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Three fingers.

Edit: This is the second time in my life I was wrong.

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Thats normal scouts.

Source: Was a cub scout

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Oh! Didn't realise there was a difference.

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"The two fingers stand for the two parts of the Cub Scout promise: "to help other people" and "to obey."

3 fingers is Boy Scouts. Source: I was both.

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And, 4 fingers is military.

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And 5 fingers is Nazi

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And one is the New Jersey State Bird.

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And 6 fingers is alien.

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Redditception: OP posted picture knowing your comment would be incorrect and displaying how many times in your life you were wrong.

Happens to the best of us.

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Never played naruto when you were a kid??

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Some of us aren't THAT young.

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Not even a salute?

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I think they confused "fingers crossed" with "scouts honor".

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Scouts honor?

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What if the person making it had their fingers crossed?

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What if our eyes weren't real

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for u

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Thringers crossed!

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Adam Cole Bay Bay!

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You're a fucking master!

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Haha, I snuck it off a so called twitter wall. Was not my own PC.

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It's definitely not called a "twitter wall."

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Don't know dude, I'm repeating it blindly, but that's what the UK person introducing it called it.

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Fingers "crossed."

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OP you have a dead pixel

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What? Where? It's not my screen but I wanna go find it.

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Pinky on the left hand

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:o you're right!

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What if that's the point. Like a sarcastic "I really don't give a shit but sure here ya go."

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It's like that drawing of a pipe with the caption that says "this is not a pipe"

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It's like that drawing of a pipe...

Clearly you did not take the caption to heart.

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I never said it was a pipe. Just a drawing of one.

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Very slow animation.

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Pew pew

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So, if this isn't really crappy design, why are people on this sub upvoting?

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Because people aren't going to necessarily stop and look at the comments to see if it's legit or not.

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I proposed a while ago a flair system. Mods could tag not-so-crappy-design post as such. Like r/photoshopbattles does with tags like "bad tittle" or "low res picture".

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This made me laugh out loud. I saw the hands first, okay they are normal hands, no mistakes here. Then read the "fingers" okay there are fingers here, that's normal too. "Crossed," okay no grammar mistakes.

Then I look at the image again and think "wait, they are not crossed at all" and that made me laugh so hard for some reason. I basically set myself up for a stand-up routine.

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Makes me happy to hear that!

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Pew pew pew

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I hope I get a jobbie I've got my fingers crossed. I've got my fingers crossed. Crossed. Crossed? Cross... ed.

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Can someone photoshop a fix by connecting opposing lines?

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I want this on a t-shirt

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They are crossed at the knuckles.

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pew pew pew pew pewwww!!!

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Maybe she's got her fingers crossed.

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needs more jpeg

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needs more jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

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more jpeg

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more jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

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It's a png from my iPhone, still I screenshotted with my iPhone off of a tv. :D

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Fingers "crossed"

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Two in the pink x2?

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I read it as fingers "crossed!"

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No, but the arms are...

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Two in the stink, maybe?

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Unless they're being super sarcastic. That would be hilarious.

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You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore.

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technically, there are fingers crossing, but they're not the pointing/middle fingers. They're thumbs and ring fingers, arguably thumbs and pointing and middle fingers, too.

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They identify as crossed you bigots!!!!!!!!!!!! REEEEEEEE

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Why does it look like you took a photo of your computer screen?

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I kinda like it. Its like another way of saying f u to someone lol